Temptation Island’s Sebastian Barraza talks experience on the show

TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Pictured: "Temptation Island" Key Art -- (Photo by: USA Network)
TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Pictured: "Temptation Island" Key Art -- (Photo by: USA Network) /

Temptation Island season 5 is starting to heat up this summer, with the most recent episode seeing the men and women start to mix and mingle with the singles as a direct result of the Temptation Light being introduced to the cast.

In this week’s episode, things with Kaitlin started to heat up with a love triangle with Michael and Sebastian. We caught up with Sebastian to ask about his thoughts on the show, what made him pursue Kaitlin, and the competition with Michael for Kaitlin’s attention.

Temptation Island’s Sebastian Barraza talks experience on the show

Hidden Remote: What made you want to come to Temptation Island? 

Sebastian: I was open to the whole experience and knew they were real couples. So I thought maybe I fall in love and find some love because you know that that’s really hard here in Miami to find something real. So I was like, maybe I have to go on a show and break up a couple, and that’ll be what I need to find love.

Hidden Remote: What initially attracted you to Kaitlin? 

Sebastian: I like the way that Marisela carried herself. We’re both Hispanic, and I thought that would be the safe, obvious answer for me. But my ex was also white, and she lives in South Carolina, and I guess maybe that’s just comfortable for me.

Hidden Remote: You aren’t the only one Kaitlin has eyes on. What’s it like trying to compete for her attention with Michael? 

Sebastian: It’s tough, but I’m used to doing this in real life when we go out here in Miami. I’m used to the competition, and I’m used to guys being, you know, a little bit jealous in a bad way because that’s what happened here. Like Mike started getting a little bit clingy, and I knew all I had to do was play my cards right, and everything he was doing was only pushing her more towards me. And I think that’s something that they didn’t show because I know that in the last episode last night. I know how that night played out and how it started, and they didn’t show how it started, but he was being really clingy in a bad way where it was only making her come more towards me because it wasn’t a good look. So I knew that all I had to do was just be laid back, just be me. I was already winning her over with everything I was doing. So I just had to play cool. But I was never worried. I knew that it wouldn’t be a competition once I started giving my full attention and everything that it was.

Hidden Remote: In this week’s episode, Mark introduced the Temptation Light. How did that change the landscape of things on the Island? 

Sebastian: I always said that there were two reactions you could have to it. If it goes off, which it did first for us. It was only going to make the girls be more open to now really experiencing, you know, this whole island experience and letting down the guards more because they don’t know who is cheating on the other side. So that just made them more inclined to explore us more. It made it more fun for all of us, the single guys and the single girls in the other house.

Hidden Remote: Before we go, can you give us a little tease about what’s ahead for the audiences with Sebastian? 

Sebastian: I guess all I can say is there will definitely be a lot more very spicy moments coming up now, so we’ve got to wait on it.

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Temptation Island season 5, episode 5 is available on USA Network and Peacock.