All American Season 6 release updates, strike delays, and everything we know

All American -- "Changes" -- Image Number: ALA414b_0321r.jpg -- Pictured: Bre-Z as Coop -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- "Changes" -- Image Number: ALA414b_0321r.jpg -- Pictured: Bre-Z as Coop -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

All eyes are on when All American Season 6 will return and what to expect. Here’s everything we know about the season so far.

When Nexstar took over The CW, it was with the inclusion of All American. A sixth season was guaranteed, which wasn’t that surprising considering it is the strongest series on the network. The CW even wanted to include the show in the fall lineup in 2023, but a lot has changed.

The strike action in Hollywood continues. This is no longer about the writers but about the actors as well. Both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA stand in solidarity as they fight for better deals in terms of residual pay and the use of AI.

This is having an effect on the return dates of our favorite shows. It’s time to look at what we know about All American Season 6, including when the show could return and what to expect in the season.

When will All American Season 6 premiere on The CW?

The initial plan was to bring the show back in fall 2023. It was going to return on Mondays at 8/7c.

Then the strike continued and production couldn’t start up. The CW has had no choice but to push the show’s return to the midseason. The earliest we will get it is in January 2024.

How have the strikes delayed the series?

The writers couldn’t get to work as of May due to the strike action. There may have been some scripts available for the series, though, which could have allowed some filming in the summer. It’s not clear if that happened before the actors went on strike. Each show was different in the way it handled the writers strike.

Once the actors went on strike, everything stopped. We won’t know anything about the show until after strike action comes to an end as the actors can’t even promote their shows on their own social media.

How many episodes are in All American Season 6?

We often see between 16 and 20 episodes per season. There was no confirmation on episode length for this year, but we expected something similar to normal. After all, the show that was reduced in episode count, Walker, was confirmed with this at the time of renewal.

The strike action could change this. With a midseason start, there is still some time to get 16 episodes in, but we could see the series drop to 13 episodes to keep everything on track ready for the next TV season.

Who is in the All American cast for the season?

We don’t have all the details of who will come back just yet. We are expecting the majority of the cast to return. This includes:

  • Daniel Ezra as Spencer James
  • Bre-Z as Tamia “Coop” Cooper
  • Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating
  • Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker
  • Cody Christian as Asher Adams
  • Karimah Westbrook as Grace James
  • Monét Mazur as Laura Fine-Baker
  • Jalyn Hall as Dillon James
  • Hunter Clowdus as JJ Parker

We know that Taye Diggs is not returning as Billy Baker. The character was killed off during the fifth season as Diggs felt it time to leave the show. The loss is devastating, but it certainly opened up a lot of talk about grief through the eyes of different characters.

There are two characters weren’t not all that certain about. Those are:

  • Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker
  • Chelsea Tavares as Patience Robinson

Liv opted to move to London at the end of the season. While she and Spencer seem to be willing to make the distance work, Liv wasn’t going to give up on her dreams. It is supposed to only be for a year or so, but could it be longer? Will we still see plenty of Liv as she focuses on her life in London?

Patience was stabbed at the Bakers’ front door in the final moments of the Season 5 finale. It was very similar to the Season 3 finale, which left Coop on death’s door. We’re likely to see Patience return, but it could be a close call.

What is All American Season 6 about?

Without any promotional work going on, we don’t have details of what to expect. We can use the way the fifth season ended to get an idea of what to expect.

This is a show that’s more than about football. It’s about life, coming of age, grief, relationships, loyalty, and much more. We’re sure to see a lot more of that in the new season as Jordan figures out how to be a man his dad would be proud of as Spencer figures out how to be successful while lifting the rest of his team and his friends up. Of course, Coop is sure to be focused on the fear of losing Patience, while Layla continues to focus on her career and being the best she can while dating Jordan.

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All American is available to stream on Netflix.