Temptation Island season 5 Kaitlin talks break up with Hall

TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:5 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hall Toledano, Kaitlin Tufts -- (Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/USA Network)
TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:5 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hall Toledano, Kaitlin Tufts -- (Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/USA Network) /

The fifth season of Temptation Island is slowly coming to an end with only two episodes remaining. In episode eight, we saw what went down with Hall coming to the girls villa to talk to Kaitlin. We had the chance to catch up with Kaitlin to discuss her thoughts about what went down.

When Temptation Island season five kicked off, we were introduced to all the couples, including our first-ever engaged couple on the show, Hall and Kaitlin. The two have been together on and off for almost eight years, and they came to the island to see if this relationship was worth moving forward.

Throughout the season, Hall and Makayla have deep and profound conversations about life, family, and kids. As this was happening, Kaitlin was more reserved and not really finding herself involved with one person in particular. In episode eight, we saw the duo send video messages to each other, and it was at this moment Hall told producers that he needed to see Kaitlin. It led to Hall breaking up with Kaitlin to pursue Makayla further.

We had the chance to catch up with Kaitlin to discuss her time on the island. From talking about heading to the island to bonfires to the emotional moment of Hall breaking up with her, we tackled a little bit of everything in our interview.

Temptation Island Season 5, Kaitlin talks about why they went on the show, the breakup with Hall and the Temptation Light.

Hidden Remote: What initially made you want to head onto Temptation Island with Hall?

Kaitlin: So originally, when we came on the show, I had not made any wedding plans. I would have time away from work and ultimately figure out why I was dragging my feet getting married.

Hidden Remote: Throughout the early parts of the season, you seemed very reserved, while some of the other girls were more outgoing. Did you have reservations about opening up?

Kaitlin: I’ve never been very emotionally in tune or outgoing about my feelings. And I think that’s the main thing we went into being like, hopefully, you can open up more emotionally. So I would let Hall take the lead in the beginning interviews, and it takes me a little time in general in life to open up and feel comfortable around people.

Hidden Remote: When Mark introduced the Temptation Light. How did you think that change the landscape of things on the Island? 

Kaitlin: In my head, I was like, that’s not my man. I didn’t really think too much of it. But the way it affects the other girls in my villa, Vanessa freaking out, I could tell she was nervous. But then I saw that ours was more like a game. Our light went off, so who will do something to turn their light off?

Hidden Remote: In the thirty-second videos, when you sent your video to Hall, it felt as if you were still open to making things work, was that the case? 

Kaitlin: Oh yeah, 100%. I mean, it was a really emotional day thing for all of us, but I was like, okay, This is it. I have to say everything to see how he’s feeling, to put it on the line, to be like, this is how I feel like I hope we can leave this villa and work on everything we’ve been working on individually and make it work. I was 100% in it to win it.

Hidden Remote: When Hall showed up at the Girls Villa, could you take us behind your initial feelings of seeing him and, in my opinion, the look on your face, you almost knew what was about to happen?

Kaitlin: So I watched the videos and said I didn’t really get anything out of them, so I closed the box, saying, okay, that tells me nothing. I don’t really know where we stand. And then, when I saw him walking in, it was just a total shock. Like I said earlier in the season, we did break up when we were three years in, and I was like kind of blindsided. So I feel like there’s like the sense of deja vu, and it can’t be happening for a second time.

Hidden Remote: Hall said at the end of the episode, “I don’t know why Kaitlin thinks I’m selfish, I’ve done so much for her. Her calling me selfish makes me look like a bad person.” What do you say to that? 

Kaitlin: I mean not to be rude, but I stand by the fact that he is selfish. Like, I know he has that trait, and I think a lot of the time, it’s about him, and a partnership is between two people.

Temptation Island season 5, episode 8 is available on USA Network and Peacock. 

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