South Park season 27 release updates, episode count and more

South Park on Comedy Central, image courtesy Comedy Central
South Park on Comedy Central, image courtesy Comedy Central /

When it comes to South Parkwe never know what to expect, and this includes its episode release schedule. Luckily, we’re here to help!

The episode count for the past 26 seasons of South Park have been all over the place, to say the least. And with the numerous movies and specials, it all becomes even more confusing. When is season 27 coming out? Here’s everything we know so far.

Is South Park season 27 happening?

Yes! In fact, the animated comedy will be running for years to come as Comedy Central announced that it has ordered four more seasons of South Park. This means we are guaranteed three more seasons (after season 27) all the way to season 30.

Want even more South Park? Comedy Central is being very generous with fans! In addition to ordering four more seasons, we’ll also be getting a whopping 14 South Park movies to stream on Paramount+.

South Park season 27 release updates

Unfortunately, we are not sure when season 27 will premiere. On the bright side, we know that there will be another season (and beyond). As soon as we learn more updates and details on the upcoming season, we’ll update this post!

How many episodes are in South Park season 27

We’re not sure! And unlike most shows, we can’t even offer an educated guess on the number of episodes South Park season 27 will feature. The episode count has ranged from 18 to two episodes. That’s right, two! This was for season 24, which were only two pandemic specials. Season 25 and 26 have featured six episodes each, so it’s possible this is what we’ll be getting, but let’s hope the number is closer to 10.

Where can you watch all seasons of South Park?

All 26 seasons are streaming on Max, fans can also enjoy the animated comedy on the South Park site if you don’t have access to the streaming platform.

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