Big Brother 2023: Bowie Jane Ball age, Instagram, job and everything to know

Bowie Jane
Bowie Jane /

She’s a DJ, loves the color pink, has great style, and is an Aussie. If you guessed Bowie Jane Ball then you’re absolutely right because all these characteristics belong to the Big Brother season 25 houseguest!

So far in the game, Bowie is sitting back, taking in the fact that she’s in a house with 16 strangers all competing for their chance to win a boatload of money. This strategy may seem boring to some, but, as most fans know, playing it safe in the beginning gives you more of a chance to shake up the game in the later weeks. Safe to say, she’s our underdog!

Before she flips the house on its head, we want to tell you all about Bowie Jane Ball! Here’s everything to know!

Big Brother 25 cast: Everything to know about Bowie Jane Ball

Bowie Jane Ball age

Hailing all the way from Melbourne, Australia but currently representing Los Angeles, California, Bowie Jane Ball is 45 years old, making her one of the oldest competitors of season 25.

Bowie Jane Ball Instagram

With someone as cool as her, we’re not surprised that Bowie Jane’s Instagram, @djbowiejane, has amassed over 17,000 followers! Her profession requires her to be extremely social and outgoing, which is why her page is filled with light, love, and good vibes. Definitely give her a follow on her Instagram today to learn more about the Aussie!

Bowie Jane Ball job

As mentioned above, Bowie Jane works as a Professional DJ, meaning she definitely knows how to hype up a crowd. This skill is perfect for whenever the house is in a funk after a double eviction or a house meeting, so it helps that this season cast someone as bubbly as she is.

The road to success for Bowie Jane Ball may be a blank slate now, but later, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The only way to find out if this will prove to be true is to head over to CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening to catch new episodes of Big Brother season 25.

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