Big Brother 2023: Felicia Cannon age, Instagram, job and everything to know

Felicia Cannon
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Felicia Cannon is one of our oldest houseguests of Big Brother season 25. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate her because she’s bound to surprise you now and then! Be it by winning competitions or by having a social game so flawless that even previous players will be jealous, Felicia isn’t one to be slept on.

Now’s a better time than ever to root for Felicia, which is why we want to tell you all about this houseguest! Read on to learn her age, job, and more!

Big Brother 25 cast: Everything to know about Felicia Cannon

Felicia Cannon age

Felicia Cannon was born on June 18, 1960, making her a Gemini and 63 years old, the oldest contestant of the season. She represents Tacoma, WA and Kennesaw, GA.

Felicia Cannon Instagram

As wholesome as she is on live feeds, Felicia is even more wholesome on her Instagram, @felicia.cannon.9.

On her account, she posts tons of encouraging posts, so if you’re ever in desperate need of some uplifting, you already know where to go. What’s more, she already has over 2,200 followers, most of whom can’t help but express their love for her in the comments of her posts!

Perhaps you want to join Felicia’s fandom. If so, head to her Instagram to join today!

Felicia Cannon job

No wonder she’s got great interpersonal skills! Felicia currently works as a Real Estate Agent, meaning she knows how to sell her houseguests a pitch or two; something that will definitely come in handy whenever she’s on the block fighting for her life.

How far will Felicia Cannon go in Big Brother season 25? Will she make it to jury? Or go even farther and make it all the way to the end? Only time will tell! Until then, head to CBS to catch new episodes of Big Brother season 25 every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And, don’t forget to head to Paramount+ to catch up on anything and everything you’ve missed!

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