What happens in the Red, White and Royal Blue bonus chapter?


With the release of Amazon’s adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s bestselling 2019 book Red, White and Royal Bluemany fans are discovering the brilliant love story of Alex and Henry for the first time and have fallen madly in love with the iconic couple.

After racing through the pages of the book, it’s easy to be left with a feeling of wanting more. Alex and Henry’s love story is one of the greatest to be told, and it’s understandable to want more after you fall in love with these two rich and complex characters. While McQuiston has not yet released a sequel to the book, there is more to Alex and Henry’s story beyond the closing moments that unfold both in the pages of the book and within the Amazon original movie.

In October 2022, McQuiston released the Red, White & Royal Blue: Collector’s Edition copy of the book which featured a brand new bonus chapter told from Henry’s perspective.

This exclusive bonus chapter not only allows readers to hear things from Henry’s POV for the first time but it also further’s Alex and Henry’s story by filling readers in on what happens between the pair after the events of the original book come to a close.

So what exactly goes down in this Red, White and Royal Blue bonus chapter? Let’s just say there is a lot of ground covered within the 26-page chapter!

Red, White and Royal Blue extra chapter explained

In the Red, White and Royal Blue bonus chapter released in the 2022 Collector’s Edition, fans get a glimpse into Alex and Henry’s life together after the events of Red, White and Royal Blue and discover what comes the couple’s way after the election night victory.

The chapter is composed in a way that helps to provide glimpses into their lives over the course of a few years giving fans updates in brief moments including some major revelations in their lives.

Over the course of the chapter, we learn that Alex and Henry are happily together and building a life with one another which includes working towards the many goals shared within the original book. For Alex, this entails pursuing his law degree at NYU Law, while Henry has been focusing on his philanthropic impact in opening new shelters (and also on learning how to cook).

As the years drift by we get to see several major moments, but the biggest moment of them all comes with the reveal that Alex and Henry get engaged and move to Austin to start their life together after Alex finishes school and Henry walks away from the Crown. While the wedding does not unfold in the chapter, we learn the pair have plans for a small, private wedding at the lake house which is everything.

Other reveals from the bonus chapter include a mention of the 5-year anniversary of the email leak, plans for Alex to work at a small firm in Austin, news that Zahra and Shaan are not only happily married but have welcomed a baby together, and a tease of a possible June and Nora romance.

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