Who wins The Bachelorette 2023: Who does Charity pick on The Bachelorette?


Charity Lawson’s journey as The Bachelorette has officially come to an end and what a journey it has been!

On June 26, The Bachelorette season 20 kicked off as Charity met the 25 men vying for her love this season. Sparks flew immediately between Charity and several of the season’s men. It’s clear Charity has an amazing pool of men to choose from and frontrunners quickly started to emerge.

Over the course of the season, we’ve seen Charity gradually narrow down the group of men and now only a few guys remain as Charity nears the end of her journey as The Bachelorette.

On finale night, it was Joey and Dotun who ended up in the final 2 ready to get down on one knee to propose to Charity, but do was it that Charity ended up with in the end?

Warning: The following post contains MAJOR The Bachelorette 2023 spoilers! If you want to go into the finale without spoilers, this is a good place to leave us. For everyone else, let’s get into the spoilers for Charity Lawson’s The Bachelorette winner! 

Who does Charity pick on The Bachelorette: Who wins The Bachelorette 2023?

After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that Charity ends up with Dotun Olubeko at the end of the season. Not only does Charity end up with Dotun, but the pair did get engaged before the season ended and the pair are still together after filming wrapped!

Charity narrowed the field down to Xavier Bonner, Joey Graziadei, Aaron Bryant, and Dotun Olubeko for hometown dates. Aaron B was eliminated after the hometown dates but made a surprise return to visit Charity in Fiji where he was sent home again. Meanwhile, Xavier was eliminated during the overnight dates after revealing past infidelities ahead of their overnight date.

This paved the way for Joey and Dotun to make it to the Final 2, giving Charity two amazing men to choose from on finale night. While Joey and Charity absolutely have something special and many hoped he would be who Charity ended up with in the end, sparks have been flying between Charity and Dotun from Day 1 so it wasn’t too surprising to see Charity choose him in the end.

Despite having strong feelings for Joey, as Charity told Joey her feelings for Dutun were stronger. In a tearful goodbye, Charity said goodbye to Joey before ultimately accepting Dotun’s proposal.

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