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Right on the blue suede heels of the critically acclaimed 2022 Elvis biopic by Baz Luhrmann, a new Elvis related biopic will be rocking into theaters in 2023. In this biographical foray into the world of Elvis Presley, we are going to be introduced to Elvis’s precocious young wife Priscilla.

The film promises to focus on the King’s young bride and their tumultuous relationship together. Amongst the many films that have focused on Elvis, Priscilla Presley has been previously treated as a background character, fleshing out his fledgling family and being present when the marriage ultimately meets its demise. Priscilla will indeed be the first film to focus on her singular experience as the wife of one of the most famous performers who has ever existed, a perspective that is ripe for a filmed biography.

Living in the world of Elvis Presley isn’t without its pitfalls, as he took his teenage bride under his wing and into his glamorous lifestyle while leaving her with very little autonomy, choosing her clothing, her hairstyles, and who she could be seen with. Here’s what we know about the film.

Priscilla release date

The movie’s theatrical release starts Oct. 27, 2023.

Priscilla cast

Promising to be a biopic worth waiting for, it stars Cailee Spaeny (Mare of Easttown) as Priscilla Beaulieu nee Presley, and hulking Euphoria star Jacob Elordi as Elvis. The film also stars:

  • Dagmara Domińczyk
  • Dan Abramovici
  • Jorja Cadence
  • Raine Monroe Boland
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll
  • Luke Humphrey

Priscilla director

Directed by critical darling and Hollywood royalty Sofia Coppola, who also directed classic films centered on women like Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation, the film promises to be a delicate portrayal of a young woman thrust into the spotlight by her connection to the man she loves. Who better to direct and guide the film than a woman who has directed her fair share of women in the public eye.

Coppola thrives when there is a woman on display who is innately misunderstood, both in her intention and how the public sees her. The director will be at the helm of the film and will show all facets of Presley’s life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, especially when it comes to her relationship with Elvis.

When does Priscilla take place?

The movie is adapted from Priscilla Presley’s own 1985 memoir titled Elvis and Me. It begins with the meeting of the two, when Priscilla was 14 and Elvis was 24.

Priscilla’s father was an Air Force Officer and was stationed in Germany at the same time that Elvis famously entered the service. The two fell head over heels for each other, writing letters to each other and eventually moving in together three years later in Memphis, Tennessee.

We will also see the turbulent years of Elvis’ descent into drugs and bad actors all around him, as Priscilla tries to keep a relatively normal life for the daughter that she and Elvis will come to share, Lisa Marie. It will indeed be the tale of a very famous woman in Hollywood who was half of one of the most iconic love stories and subsequent falling outs in history. And for once, Elvis will be the background character, letting Priscilla shine, really, for the first time.

The film was produced by Lorenzo Mieli for Fremantle’s The Apartment Pictures, Coppola for American Zoetrope and Youree Henley, and renowned film studio A24 will be handling distribution in the U.S.

Priscilla trailer

An official trailer has yet to be released, however, you can check out the teaser below:

Priscilla first look images and key art

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