Evil season 4 release updates and everything we know so far

Mike Colter as David Acosta in Evil episode 4, Season 3 streaming on Paramount+, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+
Mike Colter as David Acosta in Evil episode 4, Season 3 streaming on Paramount+, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

As anticipation for Evil season 4 continues, the wait feels longer and longer without a major update from Paramount+. With an ensemble cast that shines, storytelling that weaves its spell, and an unwavering commitment to delving into the darkest recesses of the human psyche, Evil has undeniably solidified its position as a standout series. So when is the next installment coming out?

Following the nail-biting conclusion of season 3, where devoted fans were left hanging on uncertainty, the wait for the fourth season has been a serious test of patience. The upcoming installment picks up the threads of the intricate plot, with Michael Emerson’s malevolent Leland continuing his sinister schemes while Kristen (portrayed by the talented Katja Herbers) grapples with the shocking cliffhanger of her stolen egg, covertly implanted in a surrogate, potentially heralding the arrival of the antichrist.

However, despite the rumored release date of July 6, 2023 already slipping past us on Paramount+, fans are clamoring for updates, yearning to know when they can expect the fourth chapter to grace their screens.

Fortunately, your longing for information is about to be fulfilled, as we bring you the latest release updates and more details about the highly anticipated season. Prepare to dive into the tantalizing mysteries that lie ahead as we unveil what Evil season 4 has in store for its devoted audience!

Evil season 4 is definitely happening

In a thrilling announcement back in July 2022, Evil season 4 received the green light from Paramount+ OSS president Nicole Clemens. Her excitement for the show’s renewal was apparent as she eagerly anticipated the terrifying world that Robert and Michelle King would create for the fourth season, coupled with the exceptional talent of the cast who bring it to life.

Does Evil season 4 have a release date?

As of August 2023, the exact release date for Evil season 4 remains shrouded in mystery. The production of the highly anticipated season has faced unexpected setbacks due to the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) strike.

Despite initial progress with months of filming, the set was disrupted by the strike, leading to a complete shutdown of production. Unfortunately, the lack of information regarding when production will resume — if it will at all — means that the release date is likely to be significantly delayed. Variety reported that filming wrapped “early,” meaning the amount of footage they’ve got might be all they have to work with. This could potentially affect the number of episodes in the season, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Reportedly, the decision to wrap filming early came from a cast member having to take “a leave of absence due to a personal family matter,” though around the same time, we heard filming was shut down because of the strike. Paramount+ has yet to weigh in on the situation.

In May 2023, writer Starlee Kline took to Twitter to share that production on Evil season 4 had been shut down, explaining: “A handful of us walking in a tiny circle cost them the day’s shoot. We were told the producers were pissed.”

While the wait may be disheartening for dedicated fans, rest assured that the team behind Evil is committed to delivering an exceptional installment — whenever they can get back to work on it!

What’s next in Evil season 4?

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, creators Robert and Michelle King discussed what fans can expect in the next season, with the interview confirming that it will pick up right after the events of the season 3 finale.

"“One of the things that excites us is going the more normal route with things that are usually very dramatic in horror or supernatural shows,” Robert King teased of season 4. “The Omen and The Antichrist have thunderclouds and earthquakes and the horsemen of the apocalypse. But it’s a baby — and babies are nightmare enough. You don’t need lightning and thunder and all that. Babies vomit on their own! They don’t need to have the devil inside them to be vomiting pea soup!”"

According to the creators, science will be a theme to look out for in season 4. “We wanted each episode to look at the limits of science and when it steps over that line into mystery,” Robert King said. “That can be so unnerving. The uncanny is what really keeps you from feeling perfectly at home in the world.”

Evil season 4 episode count

While various sources speculate on the episode count for Evil season 4, with estimations ranging from 10 to 13 episodes, the information available on IMDb Pro currently indicates that the newest season will consist of nine episodes. However, details regarding the individual titles of these episodes remain veiled in secrecy, adding an extra layer of intrigue and anticipation to the upcoming season. We’ll be sure to update this article once Paramount+ confirms the exact number of episodes.

Evil season 4 cast

Evil season 4 promises to continue its reign of terror with a stellar ensemble cast reprising their roles. The main cast members who are expected to be gracing the screen once again include:

  • Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard
  • Mike Colter as David Acosta
  • Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir
  • Michael Emerson as Leland Townsend
  • Christine Lahti
  • Kurt Fuller
  • Andrea Martin
  • Maddy Crocco
  • Dalya Knapp
  • Skylar Grey

Evil season 4 first look photos

In May 2023, Entertainment Weekly shared exclusive photos from the fourth season, which you can see in the link below. Unfortunately, Paramount+ has yet to release these photos to their press site, but once they do we will add them directly to this post. The photos give us a glimpse into what Kristen, David, and Ben are up to, and it looks like they’ve gotten themselves into more dangerous situations.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate the intricate web of Evil season 4’s production and eagerly await the announcement of its release date!

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