Do you have to watch all Equalizer movies before The Equalizer 3?

The Equalizer 3
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Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 3 is in theaters Friday, Sept. 1, and sees the star back in action. It has been over five years since the second movie, The Equalizer 2, so whether you need a refresher or are a new fan who wants to know if you have to watch all Equalizer movies before the new one this weekend, we’ve got your back.

The Equalizer is loosely based on a TV series from the 1980s of the same name. The action-drama sees Washington as Robert McCall, a retired assassin-for-hire who is forced back into the scene when someone he cares about is wronged. This time, McCall is back as a vigilante. Both the first and second movie features a new case and enemy for McCall to take on, and the upcoming third is no different — yet, this may be McCall’s biggest challenge yet.

Do you have to watch all Equalizer movies before The Equalizer 3?

The Equalizer 3 is the last movie in the franchise, closing out the trilogy, so you definitely don’t want to miss it. But with the movie coming out this Friday, Sept. 1, and already playing in theaters in select cities, there may not be enough time to watch the first two movies. Should you skip it until you’re all caught up?

Good news! Watching the first two Equalizer movies ahead of the third, is not necessary. Each movie has a contained story. Additionally, the beginning of The Equalizer 3 offers audiences a quick recap of who Robert McCall is and how he got to where he is now.

That said, if you want to skip the first two movies in the franchise, feel free! The Equalizer 3 is an action-packed adventure that is perfect for the summer.

Where can you stream The Equalizer movies online?

Do you want to check out the first two movies, anyway? No problem! The first movie is streaming online via Hulu, Prime Video, and The Roku Channel, all with a premium subscription. The second installment is available on Hulu.

Is The Equalizer 3 streaming online anywhere?

No, not at the moment. To watch this movie, you’ll need to stop by your local theater. However, when it leaves the big screen, Denzel Washington’s latest action thriller will likely be available to stream on Hulu and/or Prime Video, based on where you can now watch both of these movies.

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