What happened to Ashley on The Young and the Restless?

Updated: Sept. 18, 2023 – Something is amiss on The Young and the Restless. Tucker and Ashley went on their honeymoon together but when the former came back to Genoa City it wasn’t with his lovely wife on his arm. He was alone and it has the characters and fans of the soap alike raising concerns.

Audra quipped on Sept. 12’s episode that it must have been the shortest honeymoon on record. When pressed, Tucker did admit to her that the problem was Ashley’s brother, Jack. The married couple had been on the war path before Diane had saved Ashley’s life but now things have changed. Tucker blamed Jack’s influence on his wife but that didn’t explain where Ashley is.

What happened to her? Here’s what we know so far.

What happened to Ashley on The Young and the Restless?

For right now, the soap is keeping the plot close to the vest. Tucker said he and Ashley got into an argument and then relented that it was more than that hence why he’s looking miserable. When confronted by the Abbotts, after he blows up at Audra for saying Ashley’s going to take her assets back to Jabot, Tucker yells for them to ask Ashley what happened since they want to know.

Ashley’s brothers and Diane, however, haven’t heard from her. Jack left her a message to call him back when she gets it. Later in the episode, Tucker told Heather that he’ll be in need of a good lawyer if she’s sticking around for long. Sounds ominous, right? But before you leap to assuming Ashley is dead, don’t.

According to the spoilers, she’s very much alive. However, there definitely is something wrong. On Friday, Sept. 15, she’s supposed to make a distress call so she’s not out of the woods of whatever is troubling her and this could go south rather quickly. For now though we do have some understanding of her whereabouts.

Tucker told her daughter, Abby, on Sept. 13’s episode that Ashley stayed back in Paris to “think things through.” She’s apparently reconsidering starting a joint venture with him, and Tucker feels he’s drawn the short end of the stick and been left heartbroken because Ashley won’t accept that she’s changed. At one point during the episode, he goes to text his wife but then changes his mind.

Audra, his sole friend, said he makes poor decisions when he’s upset. We wonder if that’ll include the kiss the two of them shared by the episode’s end. We’ll update this post once we know more.

On Friday, Sept. 15’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Tucker opened up to his son, Devon, about what happened in Paris. He said that he and Ashley got into a terrible fight when she admitted that she didn’t believe she could walk away from her family company, Jabot, after all. Accusations were thrown, Tucker believes what happened can’t be walked back.

Ashley said they would still be husband and wife, but they would no longer be business partners. Tucker didn’t handle that response well and felt led on. Ashley didn’t understand why she couldn’t be married to him and work with her family. But, to Tucker, this change of heart completely shifted his perspective on her and their relationship.

As for Ashley, while on the phone with Jack, she explained her side of the story. Tucker’s anger, the intensity of his reaction shook her. She’d never seen him so mad and it made her reevaluate her perception of him. Ashley can’t abide by the idea that the charming man she’d married was all a façade. The marriage is over. And, no, this isn’t a ploy or a trick.

Tucker called Ashley, riled up about being accused by her daughter, Abby, that he’s the reason their relationship didn’t pan out. He was going to give her the world, he said, but she chose Jack over him. At first he hung up on her and then called back, wanting to know where they went so wrong. With Tucker as volatile as he is and Ashley still in Paris, the drama surrounding the Abbotts is about to get a whole lot worse.

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