Wilderness finale recap and ending explained: Does Liv get away with murder?

Wilderness -- Courtesy of Stefania Rosini/Prime Video
Wilderness -- Courtesy of Stefania Rosini/Prime Video /

The season series finale of Prime Video’s Wilderness was a wild and twist-filled ride ending with a bang and obsession that has run rough all season, led by a thrilling performance by British actress Jenna Coleman. However, be warned, as you keep reading below, there will be major spoilers ahead as we recap the finale and answer the biggest questions of the season.

When the show started, Liv and Will looked to be the perfect couple from the outside looking in. Though she’d given up her career as a writer to move to America, they’d continued forward in their life together giving the appearance of being a young and wealthy, beautiful couple living it up in New York City. However, there were cracks in their relationship, particularly when it came to Will whose infidelity became apparent.

What happened in the final episode of Wilderness? Here’s what we know!

Wilderness season 1 finale recap

Is Liv arrested for Garth’s death?

No, Liv was let go because it was determined that she was defending herself. If you remember, Garth came over to the apartment drunk after finding out the detective told him that Liv said he was possessive. At the time, Will was knocked out cold and didn’t witness the murder.

The detectives were able to walk Liv through what to say, reminding her that the “castle doctrine” allows homeowners to defend themselves if they deem themselves in a reasonable amount of danger. Liv takes the bait, but she may have wanted to confess as punishment for the guilt of getting away with Cara’s murder and causing Garth’s reaction.

Why does Will deny Liv a divorce?

After cleaning up the apartment, Liv tells Will she is filing for divorce. However, Will is not going to go down without a fight. He previously wanted to move back home to England with Liv, who initially agreed. (If you remember, in the previous episode, Liv’s mother found more evidence of Will cheating, but it turned out to be Cara’s best friend, Marissa.)

At first, he begs, so Liv lets Will know she slept with Ash. Will then steps up his game. He tells Liv that he will not grant her a divorce, and if she proceeds, she will say to the police she murdered Garth in cold blood. Will’s decision not to divorce Liv seems to be made out of shame because he will disappoint his father if he gets divorced.

How is Liv able to finally leave Will?

In a stroke of genius, Liv sends the video she found in the first episode of Will and Cara having sex anonymously in the first episode to the detectives. If you are asking why, it is because this will be the only proper way she can leave Will without endangering herself to his possessive nature and the threat of going to prison.

After making a scene at his going-away party, they head to the airport and leave for England. While at the gate, airport police escort them to a secure room. That’s when the detectives show up, and Liv pretends to be shocked and upset, as if this was the first time she knew Will was unfaithful.

While interrogated, the police presented the red jacket Cara was wearing when pushed off the cliff; they now know it was Will’s. Liv was given not even a mild reprimand for lying about Will’s alibi, claiming it was simply a case of believing her husband would be capable of murder.

Does Liv get away with murder?

You’re damn right, she does! Maybe it’s my devotion to Jenna Coleman’s transfixing performance, but I’ve never rooted for a killer more. After Will is convicted of Cara’s murder, he requests that Liv see him in prison and asks her to wait for him (this guy has serious abandonment issues).

Liv laughs, but Will then tells her he knows she murdered Cara because of her comments to Garth about it being an accident. Knowing they are not being recorded, Liv plays with Will a bit, denying it. However, Will claims his family has so much money they will find the evidence.

Yet, Liv has one more thing to say to Will before she leaves and claims that she is pregnant, knowing that he will not want to send the mother of his child to prison. I wonder if that’s true, but the series does not address it before the ending credits.

Wilderness ending explained

What does Liv say to Will?

Before she leaves, Will wants to know why she had to kill Cara, and Liv responds that it was because she thought it was him. This sends Will into a rage as he tries to grab her, but the cuffs to which he is shackled limit his reach.

Liv leaves and revisits the spot where she pushed Cara off the cliff. A man approaches who is concerned and mansplains that she is too close to the edge. Liv turns around and scolds the man for questioning her intentions without knowing her mind.

Grade: “The season finale of Wilderness, titled “Where White Knights Go to Die,” is a thrilling and satisfying finale to a series that consistently built suspense and tension throughout the season.” 4/5

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