Big Brother 2023: Cameron Hardin age, Instagram, job and everything to know

Cameron Hardin
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Cameron Hardin started the season as our curly-haired friend that many couldn’t help but want to win the entire game of Big Brother season 25. After all, he wasn’t your typical player, as he is more on the outskirts of the house, plays a quiet game, and isn’t quick to push any buttons with his houseguests. His agreeable nature may have served him very well in the game until the house brought out the fighter in him.

When it became clear to Cameron that playing the nice guy wasn’t going to cut it, he flipped the switch and has given fans some of the most unexpected Head of Household reigns of the summer.

Love him or hate him, Cameron definitely won’t be forgotten when all is said is done having established himself as a notable game player.

Below we break down everything there is to know about Cameron!


Cameron Hardin was born on March 6, 1989, and represents Eastman, Georgia. He is currently 34 years old and belongs to the astrological sign, Pisces.


If you want to give Cameron a follow on Instagram, you can do so by following @c_hardin44. But you’ll have to wait a little while longer to follow him, as his account is currently private. (Maybe he’ll un-private his account later in the season!)


Get ready to swoon because Cameron spends most of his day as a Stay-at-Home Dad to his adorable family.

Spending most of his time at home may sound like more of a curse than a blessing in this game, but you’ll be shocked to know that Cameron spends most of his time watching shows like Big Brother. Because of this, he knows a thing or two about the mental fortitude it takes to go far in a game like this.

Head of Household wins

While Cameron might have hoped to fly under the radar, he was forced to turn on his competitive side early in the game in order to keep himself safe for as long as possible. Through Week 7, Cameron has won two Head of Households taking home the HoH win in both Week 4 and Week 6.

Power of Veto wins

Through Week 7 of Big Brother season 25, Cameron has played in several Power of Veto competitions but has currently only won the Power of Veto once this year. Cam’s first Veto was won in Week 5 which allowed him to pull himself the block that week.

How many times has Cameron been nominated this season?

Heading into Week 7, Cameron has been nominated a total of three times this season. Here is a breakdown of the weeks Cameron was a nominee:

  • Week 2 alongside Reilly
  • Week 3 alongside Jag
  • Week 5 alongside Red

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