Big Brother 2023: Jared Fields age, Instagram, job and everything to know

Jared Fields
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The biggest twists in this season of Big Brother season 25 not only include the inclusion of Survivor legend Cirie Fields in this new season, making her the first Survivor cast member to join the CBS reality TV series but also includes the fact that Jared is the son of Cirie Fields, making the two of them the second parent-child duo to join the show.

You may know everything there is to know about Cirie, but do you know anything about her son? Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you all about him!

Here’s everything to know about Big Brother season 25 contestant, Jared Fields!

Jared Fields age

Jared Fields is rumored to have been born on March 5, 1998, meaning he is 25 years old as of 2023.

Jared Fields Instagram

If you’re hoping to follow Jared Fields on Instagram, it appears he does have an account — he just doesn’t post on it too much. You can follow Jared on Instagram via his handle of @poohunnit_hd. While the account is not yet verified, Jared’s mom Cirie has used the account to tag Jared in posts on her official Instagram suggesting that the account is indeed Jared’s official account.

Jared Fields job

When he’s not exterminating bugs and pests, Jared is coaching basketball in his free time. He believes it’s a way to show up for his community, which showcases his kind and nurturing side. Safe to say this will come in handy when he’s making alliances and forming friendships.

Will the life Jared’s lived thus far help him go the distance in the game? Or will being related to a reality TV superstar sink his game? What’s more, with this being a season full of even more twists, will he find it best to stick with his mother through it all? Or will there come a day he’ll have to put her on the block? All this and more will be answered soon enough!

Was Jared Fields on Survivor?

While Jared’s mom Cirie Fields competed on Survivor, Jared was never a contestant on the show himself. His appearance as part of the Big Brother 25 cast marks his first reality TV show appearance as a contestant.

How many HoH competitions has Jared won on Big Brother?

Entering Week 7, Jared has won a total of two Head of Household competitions. Jared won his first HoH in Week 5 and took home his second HoH win of the summer in Week 7.

How many Veto competitions has Jared won on Big Brother?

Heading into Week 7, Jared has only won one Power of Veto competition so far this summer when he picked up the PoV win during the Week 6 Veto competition. That Veto win proved to be a key victory as it prevented Jared’s mom, Cirie, from being nominated as a replacement.

Has Jared been nominated on Big Brother?

Technically, yes, Jared has been nominated for eviction once so far this season of Big Brother. We say technically as Jared found himself on the block in Week 1 after losing his night one Big Brother Multiverse competition. Through Week 7, Jared has yet to be nominated by any fellow houseguest.

Don’t forget to catch Jared Fields in Big Brother season 25 only on CBS!

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