The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Sept. 22): A shocking plot twist!

Sean Kanan of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS
Sean Kanan of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS /

It looks like Deacon pulled a fast one on The Bold and the Beautiful, and we have to applaud the man because it means he got one over on Bill and Ridge. Here’s today’s recap!

Friday’s episode of the soap was less of a slow burn and more of a glacially slow affair as Thomas and Hope allowed their son, Douglas, to continue trying to push the issue about them getting together. Apparently, in the time it took him and his Aunt Donna to reach Thomas’ house so he could supposedly pick something up he’d left there, he’d ordered pizza and fries, sent her off to get boba, and set up a romantic dinner for two complete with lit candles.

After ensuring they were enjoying themselves, Douglas then announced that Donna would be back to pick him up so they could have the rest of the evening to themselves. It was supposed to be cute, but it came off like this preteen gets around town without much input from his parents who seemed not to know a thing about his comings and goings.

What happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful?

In any case, they both praised him for his efforts and the trio shared a hug before Douglas departed for the cabin. Once alone, Thope laughed about their son’s antics, but Thomas did want to reiterate again that he wasn’t involved with Douglas’ plan. Hope assured him she knew considering no one could have pulled this off like their precocious child.

But, just because he didn’t have a hand in their impromptu date, didn’t mean Thomas wouldn’t use their couch conversation as an excuse to let Hope know that he loves her. He shared that though he’s aware she doesn’t love him yet, he thinks that she will one day and they can give Douglas what he’s always wanted, the three of them together as a family.

He acknowledged that she was hurt by Liam’s inability to forgive her and the end of her marriage, but she also knows that she doesn’t have to worry about him straying. Thomas is a one woman man and the woman he loves is Hope. He told her that when she is ready to love him, he’ll be there for her. Hope asked him to tell her it’s only her again, and he did before they shared a kiss.

Meanwhile, at the Cliff House, Finn and Li’s conversation about Sheila went the way you’d expect. He told his mom that he’s the man he is because she raised him, and he knows that and who she is in his life. Finn has every intention on getting Sheila out of their lives, but he’s not sure how to do it. He’s thinking on how to convince his birth mother that having a relationship with him is never going to happen. Once he does that he can be reunited with his family.

Li blamed his father Jack’s dalliance for this whole mess. If he didn’t have an affair, she wouldn’t have Sheila in her life. The soap seemed to skip over the fact that if Jack and Sheila never happened, she wouldn’t have had Finn in her life either, but I digress. Li did wonder what else Jack may not have told her which made my ears prick up so perhaps new secrets will be coming to light soon.

Speaking of! I didn’t think anything was going to come of Deacon and Sheila parting ways again. The two have been doing this dance for over a year now. As touching as their relationship has been, it keeps coming to an end because Deacon’s worried about Hope walking out of his life because of his ties to Sheila so he’s been keeping their romance a secret. They came close to being caught again so he asked his love to leave to which she acquiesced.

He wished her luck with trying to establish a relationship with Finn and they said their goodbyes after Deacon got a text calling him down to the restaurant. Sheila thought it was business but that turned out not to be the case. As she was leaving, she spotted Deacon at a table with a man. Noticing she wouldn’t be able to leave without Deacon and his companion seeing her, she sat down at a nearby table to wait them out.

The two men were yucking it up, trading stories of their shenanigans together. The man thanked Deacon for the many snags he’d gotten him out of which is why he helped the restaurateur out when he needed it. If the man looked familiar that’s because he was the judge who sat Sheila’s murder case! Yes, that’s right. Sheila didn’t just walk out a free woman because of a technicality or a miscarriage of justice. Deacon had a hand in it.

The judge followed his friend’s instructions and it led to Sheila gaining her freedom. He also pointed out that it can’t simply be just history between Deacon and the infamous woman. It must be love because he cashed in a major favor for her. Sheila was shook, the audience was shook, and it was an excellent plot twist that elevated the episode.

I can’t wait to see what happens now that she knows this. Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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