Dark Winds season 3 release updates, cast, and more to know

Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/AMC
Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn - Dark Winds _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/AMC /

Dark Winds season 3 is on our minds after that thrilling sophomore season. The psychological thriller which is a mix of western noir and crime drama has been steadily growing its audience since it made its debut in 2022. It’s clearly the show is just getting started as it continues to pull viewers in from season to season thanks to its compelling storytelling and gripping acting.

Thankfully, the show was renewed for a third season just over two weeks after its season 2 conclusion because there’s definitely more story to delve into with Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, and the cast of characters that bring the AMC series to life.

Before we hop into what’s coming in the third season, here’s a refresher on the season 2 ending.

Dark Winds season 2 finale explained

Dark Winds‘s season 2 ending saw Leaphorn driving B.J. Vines out into the desert after it was revealed he’d been the one who falsified a land survey. This was done after Vines had an oil well blown up which resulted in the death of Joe Jr., Leaphorn and Emma’s son. It seemed that Leaphorn took Vines out in the middle of nowhere to kill him, he even drew his gun but ultimately he decided not to shoot the man responsible for Joe Jr.’s death. Instead, he left him in the desert at night, stranded with no clothes but the pajamas he was wearing and no shoes. The likelihood Vines survived is low.

What’s next for season 3? Here’s what we know!

Dark Winds season 3 release updates

While Dark Winds has been renewed for a third season, fans will have to wait quite a bit for the next installment of the AMC series. Typically, a new season airs each year. However, as Hidden Remote previously reported, season 3 won’t debut until early 2025. This is likely due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes which have led to production delays, renewal reversals, and line-ups shifting to accommodate the lack of writers and actors to film and promote media for studios.

What is Dark Winds season 3 about?

An official synopsis for the third season has yet to be released, but we do have some idea of what’s set to happen.

Screen Rant reports tribal police sergeant Bernadette took on a new role as a border patrol officer at the end of Dark Winds season 2. With that career move fresh, her storylines will likely be centered around border crossing and how the stresses of the job impact her. Sally Growing Thunder left the Leaphorns after they performed a Laughter Ceremony for her son. Seeing as how she’s a teenage mom who needs help, we doubt that will be the last of her storyline.

There’s also the emotional repercussions of Vines’ comeuppance to deal with as Joe made a decision that brought that story to a close but perhaps didn’t signal the end of the grief he will carry now that he knows the truth of what happened. Also, Chee is returning to the force. There’s much to explore in the third season.

Dark Winds season 3 cast

Likely returning

  • Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn
  • Kiowa Gordon as Jim Chee
  • Jessica Matten as Bernadette Manuelito
  • Deanna Allison as Emma Leaphorn
  • Elva Guerra as Sally Growing Thunder
  • Jeri Ryan as Rosemary Vines
  • Nicholas Logan as Colton Wolf
  • A Martinez as Sheriff Gordo Sena

How many episodes does Dark Winds season 3 have?

An official episode count has not been released for Dark Winds season 3. However, both season 1 and 2 had a total of six episodes, so it’s likely the third season will as well. But this also depends on what a release window of “early 2025” means for the show. The series has been a summer staple but if it does move to the Spring TV season, that could mean a higher episode count.

We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more AMC news and coverage!

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