NCIS cast ages: How old were the actors then (and now)?

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NCIS officially premiered on Sept. 23, 2003 and introduced us to Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who would go on to capture our hearts for 19 seasons. With so many agents having graced our screens for the past 20 years, it’s no wonder that we’re feeling nostalgic over our favorite characters we’ve gotten to know and love. We’re looking back at the NCIS cast and how old they were when they joined the series.

Over a 20 year period, we’ve seen many different agents joining Gibbs’ team. Agent Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, was there since the beginning and we also met Agent Kate Todd in the pilot episode as well.

Eventually, Agent Timothy McGee joined and he has been with the team since season 1 and is now the only agent left from the original group. He’s not the only cast member left from season 1, but as far as Gibbs’s core team of agents, he is still the longest running one by far.

Even though we no longer get to see all of our favorites from the beginning, we still look back fondly at the memories made from watching them grow on screen. So how old was the cast versus now? Here’s what we know!

NCIS cast ages

How old was Mark Harmon when he joined NCIS?

We first met Agent Leroy Gibbs in an episode of JAG, as it was the show that NCIS was spun off from. It aired in 2003, the same year that NCIS would eventually premiere. Born on Sept. 2, 1951, Harmon was 52 when the actual pilot episode of the series began.

Even though Harmon left the show in 2019, he still is involved behind the scenes as an executive producer. He just celebrated turning 72 in September 2023.

How old was Michael Weatherly when he joined NCIS?

Michael Weatherly played Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo from the very beginning as well, having been part of Gibbs’ team when he also appeared in the JAG episode leading to the spinoff.

Born on July 8, 1968, Weatherly was 35 years old when the show premiered. Weatherly was last seen on NCIS in 2016, having left at the end of season 13 in order for DiNozzo to raise his daughter, Tali, whose mother Ziva was presumed dead.

Today, Weatherly is 55 years old.

How old was Sasha Alexander when she joined NCIS?

Sasha Alexander played Agent Kate Todd, who unfortunately lost her life at the end of season 2. Having joined the team in the pilot episode, Kate continues to be a beloved figure among fans and everyone in the series. Born on May 17, 1973, Alexander was 30 years old when the series premiered. Today, she is 50 years old.

How old was Sean Murray when he joined NCIS?

Sean Murray may not have been seen in the pilot episode, but he did join NCIS in the season 1, episode 7 episode “Sub Rosa.” The episode introduced us to Agent Timothy McGee and he would appear in multiple episodes of season 1 before officially becoming part of the team.

Born on Nov. 15, 1977, Murray was 26 when his episode first premiered. Murray is currently the longest running cast member to continue appearing on screen. He is 45 years old at the time of this writing.

How old was Pauley Perrette when she joined NCIS?

Also appearing in the JAG episode that introduced us to the team, Pauley Perrette played forensic scientist Abigail Sciuto from the pilot episode until she left the series in season 15. Born on March 27, 1969, Perrette was 34 years old in the pilot episode and today, she is 54 years old.

How old was Brian Dietzen when he joined NCIS?

Brian Dietzen has played the beloved Dr. Jimmy Palmer since he joined the cast at the end of season 1 in 2004. Born on Nov. 14, 1977, he was 26 at the time his first episode aired in May, 2004. Just like Sean Murray, he also continues to be one of the longest running cast members since season 1, even though neither men appeared from the pilot episode.

Today, Dietzen is currently 45 years old.

How old was Cote de Pablo when she joined NCIS?

Joining the show in season 3, Cote de Pablo was brought onto the scene as Mossad Agent Ziva David, whose brother Ari Haswari had killed NCIS Agent Kate Todd. Eventually, Ziva would join Gibbs’ team and stayed with the show until season 11, appearing for a brief time in season 17 after her character was presumed dead. Born on Nov. 12, 1979, de Pablo was 25 when season 3, episode 1 premiered and introduced us to Ziva. Today, she is currently 43 years old.

How old was Emily Wickersham when she joined NCIS?

Emily Wickersham played Eleanor Bishop, who was an NSA agent who would eventually join Gibbs’ team after Ziva’s departure. Born on April 26, 1984, she joined the show in 2013 during its 11th season, making her 29 years old. Bishop was a part of the show until 2021, when she left the show just before season 18 ended. Today, she is 39 years old.

How old was Rocky Carroll when he joined NCIS?

Rocky Carroll has played NCIS Director Leon Vance since season 5, appearing in the 2008 episode “Internal Affairs.” Born on July 8, 1963, he was 45 years old when he joined the series. He has continued to play our beloved Vance since and is currently 60 years old.

How old was David McCallum when he joined NCIS?

David McCallum has also been on the series since the pilot aired, introducing us to Medical Examiner Doctor Donald “Ducky” Mallard. Even though McCallum has since taken on a smaller role, we still get to see Ducky from time to time in a consulting position when the team needs his guidance. Born on Sept. 19, 1933, he was 70 years old. He just celebrated his 90th birthday in 2023 and we hope to continue to see more of Ducky when the show returns!

How old was Wilmer Valderrama when he joined NCIS?

Playing Special Agent Nick Torres, Valderrama joined the show in 2016 when he appeared in the season 14 premiere episode, “Rogue.” Born on Jan. 30, 1980, he was 36 when he joined the series. Today, he is 43 years old.

How old was Katrina Law when she joined NCIS?

Katrina Law joined the team as REACT Agent Jessica Knight in season 18 after Emily Wickersham’s departure. She was born on Sept. 30, 1985, making her 35 at the time of her first appearance. She will be turning 38 years old at the end of September, 2023.

How old was Gary Cole when he joined NCIS?

Gary Cole joined the show as Alden Parker, who would fill Gibbs’s role after Mark Harmon’s departure. Born on Sept. 20, 1956, he was 65 years old when he joined in season 19. Today, he is 67 years old.

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