Dancing with the Stars season 32 week 1 score updates: Who went home on DWTS?


After delays, rumors, exits, Dancing with the Stars has arrived! DWTS season 32 episode 1 introduced the celebrities competing this season and we got to see their moves, giving us a pretty good idea what they bring to the dance floor.

Dancing with the Stars is a big favorite here at Hidden Remote. If you feel the same, keep checking back as we will be updating fans on scores and the latest eliminations. Be sure to follow along! Okay, now let’s get the scores from the couples first dance and learn who was the first one to go home.

Please note there are spoilers ahead if you have not watched the season 32 premiere of DWTS. Go stream it on Disney+ before reading ahead. 

Xochitl and Val Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 18

Dancing with the Stars season 32 kicked off with Xochitl and Val. For only being 17-years-old, Xochitl was did amazing. The young star was a bit nervous, sure, but she tried her best and had so much fun doing it, too!  The duo got 18 points from their first dance (a score of six from each judge).

Barry and Peta Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 16

Barry did not bring his A game to the season 32 premieres of DWTS, but can you blame the guy? When you factor in his age, he did an amazing job! Peta has a lot of work to do here, though. The couple scored a 16 (a score of six from Carrie Ann, a five from Derek, and another five from Bruno).

Tyson and Jenna Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 12

Who else is still so surprised that Tyson does not have any rhythm? We would blame stage fright, but he’s part of the dance troupe Chippendales! Let’s hope Jenna can teach this supermodel a thing or two about the dance floor. We believe in you, Tyson! The couple received fours across the board for a total of 12.

Alyson and Sasha Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 13

Just when we thought we had seen the worst of the night, Alyson and Sasha stepped in. Now, I love Alyson, don’t get me wrong, but she was too nervous to give the judges a presentable dance number. Still, Alyson and Sasha scored one point higher than Tyson and Jenna. With a five from Carrie Ann, a four from Derek, and another four from Bruno, the duo’s first score is 13.

Harry and Rylee Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 12

If you thought Alyson and Sasha were bad, the real cringe fest came with Harry and Rylee. For a minute there, I thought Harry was going to give up and walk out of the ballroom. That was terrible. I’m sorry, but it was. The pair reached a score of 12 by receiving a four from Carrie Ann, Derek, and Bruno.

Jason and Daniella Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 21

Color me surprised! Jason and Daniella may have what it takes to win this season, folks! I know it’s only the first week, but how impressive was their dance number? The couple scored a 21, that’s a seven from each judge. We can’t wait to see what they have next with more practice.

Jamie and Alan Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 15

Let’s address the elephant in the room…Jamie Lynn Spears isn’t a season favorite due to the controversy and issues between Jamie and her sister Britney Spears. For her first dance, Jamie didn’t do too bad. Jamie and Alan scored 18 for their first dance (that’s six from each judge). Not the lowest score, but will the duo get the votes they need?

Lele and Brandon Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 19

Another couple that surprised me tonight was Lele and Brandon. I didn’t know about Lele before seeing her on the dance floor, but she’s made a fan out of me already. You can tell she has talent, and she’s willing and excited to learn more, so I’m excited. Lele and Brandon received a six from Carrie Ann, a seven from Derek, and a six from Bruno for a total of 19.

Mira and Gleb Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 17

How beautiful and graceful is Mira? She did amazing! The duo hit the dance floor and it was obvious they were having a great time and so much fun. It was also easy to see that Mira had been practicing hard! Mira and Gleb scored a17, which is great for a first dance. It’s only up from here!

Mauricio and Emma Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 15

Mauricio isn’t a gifted dancer, let’s start there. However, I loved his attitude and the excitement he brought to the stage. With practice and the right dance style, I can see Mauricio doing pretty good. Not season 32 winners-good, but good enough! The duo received a five from each judge, bringing their total to 15 for their first dance.

Charity and Artem Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 22

Yes, Charity! This former Bachelorette brought her A+ game to the dance floor. I love that her fiance was in the audience cheering her on. He must be so proud. Charity and Artem got the highest score of the premiere, a 22! Carrie Ann and Derek gave the duo a seven, and Bruno felt more generous with an eight.

Adrian and Britt Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 18 

This performance was a bit rough around the edges, but the NFL running back and Britt managed to collect a six from each judge for a total of 18. It’s not the highest score of the week, but far from the bottom.

Matt and Koko Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 12

Yikes! Matt and Koko were tough to watch on the watch, but it wasn’t as bad as Harry or Tyson’s performance. Still, the couple scored a 12, matching the scores of Harry and Tyson.

Ariana and Pasha Dancing with the Stars week 1 score: 21

Did Ariana step on the dance floor with a broken heart fresh off a cheating scandal? Absolutely not! Ariana has moved on and is pushing forward. And it sure helps that she has a natural talent! In the weeks to come, I’m sure Pasha will make a pro out of Ariana. But, in the meantime, she did amazing! A score of 21 with seven across the board!

Who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars season 32 week 1?

Did you cast your vote? Which couple are you cheering on this season? I love more than one team this season, so this is going to be a tough one! Everyone did their best, but, at the end of the night, someone has to go home.

The two bottom couples were Mauricio and Emma and Matt and Koko. The couple to go home was…Matt and Koko! I have to say, I was surprised. I really thought either Mauricio or Tyson would be the first to go.

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