How many episodes are in Bachelor in Paradise 2023?


The first episode of Bachelor in Paradise was everything we expect to be and so, so much more!

As expected, couples are already forming and, most importantly, drama is already starting to rise to the surface. What’s more, we’re bound to see some more familiar faces as contestants continue to enter and exit the beach. All in all, season 9 is starting off great! But how many more episodes can Bachelor Nation fans expect to watch before they eventually have to say goodbye?

Here’s everything we know about Bachelor in Paradise season 9’s episode count!

Bachelor in Paradise 2023 to release new episodes through the end of the year

If we had to guess, we would predict that Bachelor in Paradise season 9 will have at least nine episodes and, at most,16 episodes.

Our estimate is based on the fact that the fewest number of episodes a season had in the past was nine, while the most (which was season 8) was sixteen. However, it is important to note that each episode typically covers a half week or full week of paradise, making it likely for there to be fewer episodes since filming for season 9 filmed between June 6 to June 23 of this year. Even so, if the reality TV show repeats the pattern from last year, fans can expect enough episodes to get them through the holidays!

Bachelor in Paradise
BACHELOR IN PARADISE – ABCÕs ÒBachelor in ParadiseÓ stars Aaron S., Will, Aaron B., Olivia, Peter, Blake, Sean, Kat, Rachel, Eliza, Samantha, Jess, Mercedes, Kylee, Greer, Brooklyn, Cat, and Brayden. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) /

As far as how long each episode will be, expect the usual two-hour-long episode. Each episode covers a vast amount of juicy details, including (but not limited to) new arrivals, competitions that strengthen relationships, banter between contestants, and, of course, eliminations.

Having so many contestants go through quite a dramatic summer naturally leads to fans having more episodes, so fingers crossed we get a surplus amount of content!

Episodes of Bachelor in Paradise will continue to stream on Hulu

Whether you can’t catch new episodes live on ABC or simply want to stream episodes at your leisure, you’re in luck because Bachelor in Paradise is streaming on Hulu!

The season 9 premiere is already streaming on the site, so be sure to get a Hulu subscription as soon as possible to get in on all the fun. And, don’t forget to head to Hulu on Friday (the day after new episodes air) for more new episodes! See you there!

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