Disney’s Haunted Mansion filming locations: Where was the movie filmed?

Haunted Mansion, in cinemas July 28, 2023.
Haunted Mansion, in cinemas July 28, 2023. /

Haunted Mansion is now streaming on Disney+. But just where was this wild comedy based on the classic Disney attraction filmed?

Since 1969, the Haunted Mansion has been one of Disney’s most iconic rides. Replicated at every Disney park worldwide, the classic Mansion has guests going through a spooky haunted house of 999 spirits. It was adapted into a 2003 movie starring Eddie Murphy.

The 2023 film has Rosario Dawson as a woman moving herself and her son into a New Orleans mansion only to find it’s haunted. They turn to a troubled filmmaker (LaKeith Stanfield), a priest (Owen Wilson), a psychic (Tiffany Haddish) and a scholar (Danny DeVito) to discover the secrets of the mansion and the twisted Hatbox Ghost (Jared Leto) ready to unleash some evil.

The movie is packed with scores of effects and a gothic New Orleans setting, but where was it really filmed?

Where was the Haunted Mansion movie filmed?

Per the official New Orleans website, much of the movie was shot on location in the Big Easy. True, the interiors of the mansion were soundstages that could handle all the special effects, but the exterior utilized the famous Buckner Mansion in the Garden District. That makes total sense, as the original Disneyland Haunted Mansion was based on the very location in the city.

Several other New Orleans locations were used, from Lafayette Cemetary for a jazz funeral to Jackson Square. There’s also famous watering holes like the Napolean House or Lafitte’s Blacksmith Tavern. Royal Street was also used for the home of Stanfield’s character and Tulane University “played itself” as the spot for DeVito’s character.

The movie did a good job integrating the New Orleans locations into the fun and making the Mansion truly feel alive for a fun watch on Disney+.

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Haunted Mansion is now streaming on Disney+.