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During last night’s episode of The Golden Bachelor, we were one rose away from saying goodbye to Kathy Swarts. Fortunately, she’s still in the competition for another week. However, her close call has fans of the ABC TV reality series not wanting to take her for granted any longer, especially because she is someone who Gerry seems to be somewhat fond of. At least, enough to keep her for another week.

We’ll have to cross our fingers and hope that Kathy won’t leave the game next week. But until then, let’s learn some interesting facts about our Golden Bachelor friend.

Everything to know about The Golden Bachelor contestant Kathy Swarts

While she was working, Kathy worked with children in school, hoping to push them to be the best version of themselves. This not only shows that she is a caring person, but also highlights her ambition the world a better place by first being a proper role model for kids.

If you thought this was enough to be a fan of Kathy, just wait until you find out more about the reality TV star.

Age: 70
Hometown: Retired Educational Consultant
Occupation: Austin, Texas
Instagram: @kbswarts

Aside from education, Kathy is passionate about staying active. As per her official ABC biography page, Kathy enjoys outdoorsy sports like kayaking, skiing, and hiking. (Maybe we’ll get a chance to see her go on such a date with Gerry!) She also really, really loves the Christmas season. The bright lights, snowy weather, time with friends and family are all things that make Christmas a special time. We wonder what Kathy loves about the holiday the most!

Last but certainly not least, you should know that Kathy loves traveling! So far, she’s been to three out of the seven continents, which is definitely a lot more than the average Joe. Hopefully, she and Gerry will be able to go to her fourth! But first, let’s see if she makes it all the way to the end!

Get ready for love! The Golden Bachelor releases all new episodes every Thursday night on ABC!

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