What time is Gen V episode 5 on Amazon Prime Video?

Asa Germann (Sam), Lizze Broadway (Emma Meyer) - Gen V - Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video
Asa Germann (Sam), Lizze Broadway (Emma Meyer) - Gen V - Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video /

Gen V is more than halfway through its first season on Amazon Prime Video this week with the release of episode 5 on Friday, Oct. 13. There’s no doubt this is one of the best shows on TV right now, and it might be even better than The Boys, of which Gen V is a spinoff.

The new episode is titled “Welcome to the Monster Club.” Gen V episode 5 will be released on Amazon Prime Video at 12:00 a.m. GMT on Friday, Oct. 13. If you live in the United States and Canada, you actually don’t have to wait until Friday to watch the new episode, though, and you can thank time zones for that!

Fans in the United States, Canada, and rest of the Americas can watch Gen V episode 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT on Thursday, Oct. 12. Those is in the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia will be waiting until Friday to watch the new episode, but we’ll be watching on Prime Video in primetime.

I’m a huge fan of Amazon’s new release strategy. It’s so much better to watch Gen V episodes in primetime rather than waiting until 9 p.m., midnight, and even 3 a.m. for new releases. Hopefully, Prime Video will stick to this release model going forward.

Gen V episode 5 trailer

Amazon already shared the preview for episode 5, and it makes so much more sense than the Gen V episode 4 ending, which we’ll dive into in a moment.

In the preview, we see Jordan reveal that their are days and gaps in their memory that are missing. Cate says, “me, too.” We also get to see Marie (Jaz Sinclair) sharing the news that she thinks Dean Shetty is actually a part of what’s going on at Godolkin, which would be devastating for her character given how Dean Shetty helped her open up and feel safer at the school.

There’s a lot we don’t know in the trailer, too, though. We see Emma looking a little zonked in a hot tub, someone stirring some tea Get Out style (is it hinting at hypnotism?), and Sam getting quite frustrated and encouraging the others to flee the school.

We’ll just have to see how it all goes down in episode 5 soon!

Gen V episode 4 ending

Gen V episode 5 can’t get here fast enough after the weird, jumbled ending of episode 4. As many fans have realized, the disorrienting ending was done on purpose. There are gaps in the story and in the characters’ memories, and that much is clear after the episode 5 preview posted on the Gen V Twitter account. In episode 5, I think we’re going to find out what’s going on.

For those who didn’t quite catch what happened, Sam goes on a rampage against a former doctor from The Woods, Dr. Cardosa, but he’s stopped, sort of, by Emma, who eats a bunch and grows bigger, Marie, Andre, and Jordan. There’s also an exploding penis (sorry, Rufus), and some other weird signs that point to Rufus being a bigger part of Gen V. We still don’t know what his angle is, but he also has telepathic abilities, so there’s a chance Rufus could be manipulating our heroes.

Gen V episode 4 ends with a wild sequence of the group being at Dr. Cardosa’s house to Jordan and Marie being in bed together. We don’t see the resolution or how they got back home. Then, we get to see Tek Knight, who was just introduced in the episode, doing unholy (or very holey depending on how you look at it) things.

What is going on? We’ll find out soon!

Remaining Gen V episode schedule

After episode 5 on Oct. 13, there are only three more episodes of the first season of Gen V. We shared the remaining episodes of Gen V and the release schedule:

  • Friday, Oct. 13: “Welcome to the Monster Club” (Episode 5)
  • Friday, Oct. 20: “Jumanji” (Episode 6) 
  • Friday, Oct. 27: Episode 7 
  • Friday, Nov. 3: Episode 8 (Season Finale)

Watch Gen V episode 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, Oct. 12!

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