The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the next two weeks (Oct. 30-Nov. 10)

"The Young and the Restless / Bold and the Beautiful crossover episode" -- Coverage of the CBS Original Series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: John McCook as Eric Forrester. Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
"The Young and the Restless / Bold and the Beautiful crossover episode" -- Coverage of the CBS Original Series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: John McCook as Eric Forrester. Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Friday, Oct. 27’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful got the fashion showdown on the road as Forrester Creations’ esteemed guests took in the first dresses a part of Eric and Ridge’s respective collections.

The gowns were gorgeous, and I’m sure Big Brother fans noticed that once again Taylor Hale got to model some stunning pieces. The drama, however, was reserved for the couture on display during the fashion salon and not in the storyline. At least not yet. The episode ended with Eric once again coughing up a storm.

Dr. Colby had warned him and Donna that continuing to put so much stress on his body in order to pull off his legacy line could tax his system to the point of an earlier demise than projected. It’s quite possible Eric could fall out during the show, or perhaps after it, and judging by the spoilers, we may need to brace for a medical emergency.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers at a glance (per Soap She Knows):

  • Monday, Oct. 30: The fashion show continues as Eric and Ridge brim with excitement over their designs and how they’re being received on the runway.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 31: RJ reveals a shocking truth to Brooke. Carter knows who won the fashion challenge.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 1: Ridge learns life-changing information about Eric. Donna and Eric want to know who won the showdown.
  • Thursday, Nov. 2: Eric and Ridge have an emotional moment when the winner is revealed. Steffy returns to LA and reunites with Finn.
  • Friday, Nov. 3: Steffy admits something about Sheila to Finn. Luna shows Ridge what she found in Forrester Creations’ archives.

The Forresters learn Eric is dying on The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s unclear whether Eric is set to land in the hospital but something obviously must alarm RJ enough to tell his mom on Tuesday, Oct. 31 that his  grandfather is dying. The family looks to be so preoccupied with this news that the results of the fashion showdown only seem to matter to Donna and Eric come Wednesday, Nov. 1 though that’s to be expected. After all, the Forrester patriarch literally put his life on the line to complete his last collection.

I’d recommend breaking out the tissues for Eric and Ridge’s emotional scene on Thursday, Nov. 2. The father-son duo have been at odds ever since Ridge brushed his dad off when he asked for his help on his legacy line. The guilt Eric’s oldest child is likely going to be carrying is sure to be immense given the circumstances. News of his father’s condition is bound to put their interactions into perspective.

As for who won, my money is on Eric. His opening black gown with the dramatic skirt had me immediately and, while I did like Ridge’s sparkling red dress, there’s something about the elegance imbued in Eric’s collection that captures why he’s considered to be a master of design. Also, why kick the man when he’s down? Would the writers really give him six months to live and have him produce the losing collection? I sure hope not!

On Friday, Nov. 3, Luna is supposed to show Ridge something from the archives. I’m hoping it’s Eric’s stapler. It means so much to him, and they’ve talked about that stapler so much, it would be wonderful if we found out it wasn’t thrown away but rather archived because of its history.

Steffy returns from Rome

By Thursday, Nov. 2, Steffy will be back on The Bold and the Beautiful. It’ll be interesting to see why she’s made her return. Was it because Liam left her that voicemail informing her that Deacon and Sheila are together? Or does she have her own card to play?

Friday, Nov. 3‘s spoiler suggests it could be the latter since she has some stunning news about Sheila to share with Finn. They all were repeatedly told that the only way to put Sheila back in jail was to get her dead to rights on another crime. Steffy was fine putting her nemesis away for any reason, it was her father and Bill Spencer who insisted on a first degree murder charge.

Perhaps when Steffy was going backpacking and was unreachable she was actually investigating a lead. Which, to be honest, is more than Finn was doing. He did all that talk about working to get his family back when he actually was doing nothing at all to accomplish his goals, and Steffy might have found her own way home without him.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week (Nov. 6-10)

According to the early spoilers, via Daytime Royalty Online, whatever information Steffy has will pay Sheila back for shooting her. Now, this doesn’t mean she’s necessarily going to be arrested. But it could prove useful in blackmailing the infamous woman. Either way though, the ball is going to be in Sheila’s court in terms of how she might react.

Li couldn’t push her buttons enough to cause her to lash out, but Steffy is definitely capable of doing it especially if she threatens the happiness she’s found with Deacon. Will Sheila be able to hold onto her conviction to not rock the boat and honor Deacon going out on a limb with his loved ones in order to show Sheila’s no longer a danger to anyone? I’m excited to find out!

The rest of the spoilers don’t really hold mystery to them. It’s expected that now that Ridge knows about Eric’s diagnosis that he’ll be demanding answers. Perhaps he’ll even push for a second opinion since his father has only consulted with one doctor about his health issues.

Liam is also in the spoilers. He’ll be making a confession to Bill. While the spoiler doesn’t mention Steffy, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t about her. There’s three options for how their conversation could go. He’ll confess that he wants Steffy back which everyone already knows or he’ll admit he was the one who called her back home or he’ll be privy to the information Steffy knows about Sheila. To be honest, it could be all three.

I’m just ready for this love triangle to get off the ground and catch fire because it’s sure to be delicious. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more The Bold and the Beautiful news and coverage!

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