Is What Happens Later streaming on Peacock? (Where to watch the Meg Ryan romcom)

What Happens Later
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Meg Ryan’s new movie sounds more like a cute Christmas rom-com, but I’m not going to complain about getting it earlier than that! Be sure to check out What Happens Later as it’s now out as of Friday, Nov. 3, 2023. Is the movie streaming on Peacock or another streaming service?

The answer is, no. What Happens Later is not streaming on Peacock. The production actually isn’t streaming on any platform at this time upon its release. That’s because if you want to check it out, the only way to watch the film is to head to your local theater. What Happens Later is only playing in cinemas right now.

Where could you watch the Meg Ryan romcom online after theaters?

At the time of this writing, it’s difficult to say where the movie will stream after its theatrical run. Its distribution company is Bleecker Street Media. In looking at the company’s projects, some eventually stream on Showtime, others on Hulu, and even Starz. So right now, it’s really a guessing game. But don’t worry! We’ll keep you updated on which streaming service the production will be available on eventually.

So what can you expect to see? Who’s starring alongside Ryan? We’ve got the answer for you below!

What Happens Later
What Happens Later /

What to expect from the movie What Happens Later

The film, which is directed and co-written by Meg Ryan, is centered around her character Willa. She and her ex, Bill, end up getting stranded at the same airport together overnight because of a snow storm, per the synopsis. Deciding to keep each other company since they have nowhere to go, the ex-couple begin to walk down memory lane.

As they do, they find that they’re “just as attracted to and annoyed by one another as they did decades earlier.” The night goes on like so, and Willa and Bill start to wonder whether their meeting after all these years in coincidental or “something more enchanted.” Check out the trailer below:

As mentioned above, taking on the role of Willa is Ryan herself. So who plays Bill? That would be actor David Duchovny. He’s known for roles on The X-Files show and movies, House of D, and The Joneses. Ryan hasn’t acted in eight years. Her last role both onscreen and as a director was in 2015. She was big in the late ’90s and 2000s for projects like When Harry Met Sally…, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. I’m definitely happy to have her back and hopefully this means she has more shows and movies in the works!

What Happens Later is now playing in theaters.

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