The best Netflix movies and shows to watch this week (Nov. 6)

The Killer. Michael Fassbender as The Killer in The Killer. Cr. Netflix ©2023
The Killer. Michael Fassbender as The Killer in The Killer. Cr. Netflix ©2023 /

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go. Like we do each and every week, we’re sharing all the new Netflix movies and shows debuting beginning the week of Nov. 6, 2023.

It’s that time of year when the debate sparks about when you should put up your Christmas decorations. If you are on the side of putting them up after Thanksgiving, I hate to break it to you and let you know that you are wrong. Speaking of Christmas, Netflix is kicking off the spirit with its first of many Christmas movies before Thanksgiving this week.

New Netflix movies and shows to watch this week

  • Escaping Twin Flames, Nov. 8
  • The Claus Family 3, Nov. 8
  • The Killer, Nov. 10

One of the best movies of 2023 is set to release on Netflix this week in David Fincher’s The Killer. Everyone knows Fincher for his cold, calculating direction in films like Gone Girl, Zodiac, and Se7en. We see him return to that genre with The Killer. The film follows an assassin battling his employers and himself as he is on a manhunt to find the people who did him wrong.

Michael Fassbender stars in the lead role of the assassin and gives this methodical, bloody performance that reminds us that he is one of the best-working actors. The sound design in this film is next level, and I expect this to be at the top of many people’s year-end list.

The other release that has my eye this week is Escaping Twin FlamesThe three-part documentary follows the story of Jeff and Shaleia, the leaders of the Twin Flames Universe who sell classes online guaranteeing a union with your destined partner. The documentary peels back the layers of what Jeff and Shaleia were doing and how it hurt many people along the way.

From our suggestions, what will you be watching? Are you excited about Escaping Twin Flames? Or will you be checking out The Killer with me? Let us know, and let’s hope next week brings us more Netflix additions.

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