Industry season 3 is not coming until 2024: Here’s what we know about the release

Industry season 2
Industry season 2 /

Premiering on HBO and BBC Two in 2020, Industry is a British-American co-production that viewers might describe as Succession meets Gossip Girl. The series is about the cutthroat world of investment banking in London, England, following a group of recent college graduates who join a prestigious company called Pierpoint & Co as interns and compete for full-time positions. The stakes are seriously high for these hopeful employees, and Industry explores their complicated personal lives as well as professional.

As a fan of Industry, I believe this is a majorly underrated show more people should check out. If you’re looking for a new show to watch to fill that Succession void, this is it! And you’ve got time to binge the first two seasons because we recently got confirmation that the third season will be released in 2024.

Latest updates on Industry season 3

On Nov. 2, HBO CEO Casey Bloys revealed details about the network’s slate of returning shows during a press conference, which included Industry season 3. And though we’re seeing conflicting reports from journalists who were present at the event regarding the time of year, we know for certain that the next installment is not coming out until 2024. This is definitely disappointing for fans considering we’ve been waiting over a year now since the second season concluded, but at least it’s been confirmed for the 2024 schedule.

Journalist Meghan O’Keefe shared live updates from the HBO event, listing Industry season 3 as a summer 2024 release. However, another journalist named Rendy Jones tweeted that the release wouldn’t be until fall 2024. The site reports that it’ll be coming out in the summertime. We’ll be sure to update our readers once we get confirmation on the release season and/or date.

Industry on HBO
Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway, 2021 – – – 07973 442527 | Caption : 05.11.21 – Industry S2, Block 4, Day 7. sc.8/16ptA – INT. PIERPOINT – TRADING FLOOR – CPS DESK : HARPER turns the monitor on to watch BLOOM, did she just break the law? /

It didn’t take long after Industry season 2 came to a close for the show to be renewed for another installment. About a month later, HBO shared the news, including a quote from the network’s Senior Vice President of HBO Programming, Kathleen McCaffrey:

"“INDUSTRY reached new heights in season two, cementing its status as a buzzy hit with addictive storytelling, layered characters, a breakneck pace, and keen observations about contemporary workplace dynamics. We’re incredibly proud of what Mickey and Konrad, Jami O’Brien, Jane Tranter and the team at Bad Wolf, together with our entire cast and crew, accomplished. We couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey with them into season three.”"

Who’s returning and who’s new?

At the time of this writing, we’re expecting most of the major players to return for Industry season 3, which includes:

  • Myha’la Herrold as Harper Stern
  • Marisa Abela as Yasmin Kara-Hanani
  • Ken Leung as Eric Tao
  • Harry Lawtey as Robert Spearing
  • David Jonsson as Gus Sackey
  • Conor MacNeill as Kenny Kilban
  • Sagar Radia as Rishi Ramdani

Exciting news came earlier this year when it was reported that Game of Thrones vet Kit Harington would be joining the cast of Industry season 3. According to the BBC, the actor will play the CEO and Founder of Lumi, Henry Muck, who is described as: “an exciting green tech energy company about to go public.” As a big fan of Harington’s, I cannot wait to see him on my screen in the new season!

In addition to Harington, Barry star Sarah Goldberg is also joining the cast for season 3, and according to Variety she will play a character named Petra Koenig, described as “a portfolio manager at ethical investment fund FutureDawn.” It’s awesome to see the cast expanding with such talented actors.

Industry on HBO
Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway, 2021 – – – 07973 442527 | Caption : 01.10.21 – Industry S2, Block 3, Day 5. sc.5/39 – PIERPOINT – LIFT : HARPER and DVD in lift, it stops at PP services and ERIC gets on. HARPER can’t make eye contact. /

Industry was not impacted by the strikes

Though many shows are being delayed and postponed until 2025, including The Last of Us season 2 and The White Lotus season 3 on HBO, that won’t happen for Industry. The series was not impacted by the writers’ or actors’ strike because it’s under contract with Equity, the UK union for actors. Similar to House of the Dragon, that meant Industry could continue filming even with cast members who are part of SAG.

Industry season 3 began production in late April, as confirmed by a tweet from HBO showing the cast doing a table read and starting to film. We even got a sneak peek at Harington’s appearance in the show, although the photo below seems to be from a table read and not from an actual scene of the show:

The third season started shooting in London, England. Industry typically films in England, Wales, and other locations in the UK.

What to expect from the new season

Though we still have a ways to go until the new season of Industry, the BBC has provided fans with a synopsis of what we can expect already:

"In series three, as Pierpoint looks to the future and takes a big bet on ethical investing, the desk find themselves front and centre in the splashy IPO of Lumi, a green tech energy company – in a story that runs all the way to the very top of finance, media and government."

A writer on the series, Joseph Charlton, spoke to Digital Spy in March and teased what they were working on for the next installment, revealing that they are “expanding” on the world they’ve created. It sounds like season 3 will be the most exciting installment yet, with Charlton sharing:

"“The world is bigger in a way that I think… audiences will find surprising. The show isn’t just repeating itself. It’s going into new places, and I think it’s seeing the entanglement of finance and sectors in other parts of the world and politics in a way that I think is really novel and interesting.”"

Myha’la Herrold also discussed what she wanted to see from her character, Harper, in the third season. Speaking to Esquire after the season 2 finale, she stated:

"“I would love to see something affect her in a way that truly moves her to an emotional, soft side. I’d love to see her attempt to move in the world with a bit more sensitivity and see what that does to her. Maybe she finds Jesus? Hah!”"

We definitely cannot wait to see what lies ahead for Harper and the rest of the characters in Industry season 3. We have so many questions that need answers and 2024 can’t come soon enough! We’ll continue to update this post once we learn more about the next season.

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