Quantum Leap season 2 episode 6: Hannah returns! (release date and details)

QUANTUM LEAP -- "Season 2" -- Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Hannah -- (Photo by: NBC)
QUANTUM LEAP -- "Season 2" -- Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Hannah -- (Photo by: NBC) /

Quantum Leap wasn’t on Wednesday, Nov. 8 due to the Republican Debate. It was a shame because that meant we had to test our patience to see where Ben would leap to next. Season 2 has been nothing short of fantastic regarding characters and storylines.

The last time we saw Ben (Raymond Lee) was in 1992, encountering racism in Koreatown. With Magic’s (Ernie Hudson) help, they were able to alter history and save a young man’s life. The episode “One Night In Koreatown” centered on the LA Riots and what led to one of the city’s most violent civil unrest periods in its history.

I don’t know about other viewers, but the episode made me cry because of the raw fact that hatred and racial divides can lead to violence and death. It’s one thing to be a minority and adjust to life’s challenges, as most of us can relate. It’s an entirely different realm when we become a victim, and that should never be allowed, nor should it be condoned.

Looking forward to episode 6, we’re wondering where Ben has jumped to next and, we’re also curious about when Hannah Carson (Eliza Taylor) will pop up again. After all, The 100 alum has been contracted as a season 2 regular, and so far, she’s only been in one episode, “Closure Encounters.” Taylor truly gripped us with her performance, and her onscreen chemistry with Ben was unmatched.

Luckily for us, Hannah will make her comeback in the upcoming episode, and its release date is closer than you think! The sixth episode will air on Nov. 15 at 8 PM/7 PM CT on NBC. We’ll see all of our favorite characters again as they work together to track down Ben while dealing with their own personal conflicts.

In “Secret History,” Ben leaps to the 1950s as a detective, and he must find a report written by none other than Albert Einstein before the Nazis can get to it. He bumps into Hannah along his search, who possibly took his advice on becoming a professor at Princeton University. This could mean that she’ll help due to being a World War II veteran who operated in computer programming.

This is only a theory, as Hannah is someone we met once, and she could very well have other motives. We hope that they’re not nefarious, as that will put a strain on the fantastic chemistry she has with Ben. One thing for sure, though, is that Quantum Leap showrunner, Martin Gero, has confirmed that Hannah is not a Leaper, and as the series follows through, her narratives will play an exciting twist.

NBC released the synopsis for “Secret History,” and it goes as follows:

"At Princeton University in 1955, Ben must find a formula hidden by Albert Einstein that holds the key to nuclear energy before the Nazis get it; he’s surprised to run into a familiar face on campus."

New episodes of Quantum Leap air on Wednesdays on NBC, with streaming on Peacock the next day.

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