Bob’s Burgers: Escape From Which Island? is a late Halloween treat

Bob's Burgers Season 13, Episode 6 Image. Image Courtesy of Fox Flash.
Bob's Burgers Season 13, Episode 6 Image. Image Courtesy of Fox Flash. /

Bob’s Burgers has some of the best duos in all of television. It’s part of the charm of the series aside from the great cast, good writing, and funny jokes.

No matter how unlikely a pairing might seem, the show has tried it all, and one of the best yet most underrated duos is Bob Belcher and Mr. Fischoeder. The latter is always trying out some scheme while Bob usually gets roped into it unwillingly.

With an episode title like “Escape From Which Island?” it does bring back memories of a particular episode featuring Bob and Mr. Fischoeder in the past. If you know, you know but if you don’t, it’s time to assign you some Bob’s Burgers homework.

After you finish your homework or if you’re caught up, there will be spoilers for the Bob’s Burgers episode, “Escape From Which Island?” This is your spoiler warning so proceed with caution if you haven’t watched.

What happens in the Bob’s Burgers episode, “Escape from Which Island?”

Bob's Burgers
Bob's Burgers /

Bob’s Burgers Season 13, Episode 6 Image. Image Courtesy of Fox Flash.The episode starts with the weatherman predicting a storm and Mr. Fischoeder showing up at the restaurant to ask Bob to be his private chef for the Babylon League camping trip. He agrees and later meets Mr. Fischoeder at his boat where they go to his camping site. It’s going fine until the storm shows up while Linda explains to the kids how cocktail parties work and they end up having a “mocktail” party.

At Mr. Fischoeder’s party, they’re all going crazy and Bob starts freaking out. He tries to get Mr. Fischoeder to leave but they’re having too much fun and ignore him. It gets even worse when Bob notices the boats have sunk and one of the members Hubert, goes crazy. The rest of the group ends up hiding from him and Linda roleplays with the kids about what to do at a cocktail party

Bob suggests trapping Hubert to eliminate the major problem and then they can hide from the storm. Of course, he ends up being bait for Hubert but Mr. Fischoeder feels bad and unties him before Hubert can show up. The two end up hiding again and Mr. Fischoeder remembers that they have an old boat in a boathouse on the other side of the island.

Before they can get there, they get captured by the other members and tied up until they find the boat. Bob explains that even though they want to leave, they can’t leave Hubert there so they use Bob as bait again while Tina is freaking out about the cocktail party rules but she ends up remembering them all. The episode ends with Bob rowing them all back home.

“Escape From Which Island?” is a belated Halloweenie episode

There’s one thing we’re all sad about this year and it’s that there aren’t any Halloween or Thanksgiving Bob’s Burgers episodes. That was due to the strike but Loren Bouchard made sure to let us know. In a tweet, he shared that there is a Christmas episode and a “close” one for Halloween which is “Escape From Which Island?”

On the whole, the episode was scary and over-the-top yet lacked the charm of a traditional Halloween episode from the series. It was an enjoyable watch and the two plotlines worked really well together. It was hilarious to see the shenanigans Mr. Fischoeder got Bob into and then to see how Linda was prepping the kids for a future cocktail party.

It’s sad, knowing there aren’t traditional holiday Bob’s Burgers episodes this year, but it’s great to see the series is still giving us something. That’s not always the case and can sometimes be even harder to juggle. Of course, I’d love to know if this episode gave you all the Halloween feelings or is it just too little, too late?

Bob’s Burgers airs on Sundays on Fox at 9/8c.

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