Blue Bloods is ending in Fall 2024 but not with a season 15 like we hoped

It’s not that we didn’t know that Blue Bloods was coming to an end soon; it’s that it’s coming sooner than we thought. The popular CBS original will begin taking its final bow on Friday, Feb. 16, 2024 at 10 p.m. ET.

When the season 14 premiere date was announced, the writing hadn’t exactly been on the wall just yet. But now it is. We’d been hoping that the procedural would make it to the milestone of 15 seasons even with the budget and pay cuts the team behind the series sustained but that’s not to be. The series will end with a two-part fourteenth season.

Blue Bloods‘ return in February marks the start of an 18 episode journey toward its end. In the first half of season 14, we’ll be treated to ten episodes. As all CBS series are expected to finale in May, we expect that’s when the midseason finale will air and we’ll be waiting until sometime in September or October 2024 for the remaining eight episodes to begin airing.

This means we’ll be saying goodbye to the beloved cast led by Tom Selleck in Fall 2024. We’ll keep you posted on whether the series will be receiving a retrospective though it’d be surprising if it didn’t. NCIS: Los Angeles also ran for 14 seasons and the procedural was honored with an hour long special looking back at the series, its cast, and all the work done to bring the show to life.

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