The Black Phone 2 is not coming in 2024 but the movie does have a release date!

The Black Phone horror movie from Universal Pictures
The Black Phone horror movie from Universal Pictures /

Earlier this week, fans learned that The Black Phone 2 is happening! The sequel will see Ethan Hawke return, along with the original cast, which is the most exciting part. As for the release date, though? You may want to sit down and not hold your breath on this one.

In the Scott Derrickson film, Hawke plays a character known as The Grabber, an evil and disturbed kidnapper. The first movie follows Finney (Mason Thames) after he is captured by The Grabber. While abducted, Finney learns that he is able to communicate with previous victims of The Grabber through a mysterious phone in the basement. The victims, who have passed, try to help Finney by giving advice on how to survive based on their own experiences.

Spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched The Black Phone. You can stream the horror-thiller today on Peacock. 

Fans are not sure what The Black Phone 2 will be about, especially since the final moments see the end of The Grabber. But there is plenty of time to figure that out as the movie will not premiere any time soon.

The Black Phone premiered in theaters in June 2021. Typically, there are one or two years between movies, but things are going to be a little different for this sequel.

The Black Phone 2 is coming in summer 2025

That’s right. The movie is not coming in the year 2024 at all. In fact, we won’t even be getting the movie in early 2025. The Black Phone 2 has set a theatrical release date set for June 27, 2025, Deadline reports.

While in theaters, the movie gathered $161.4 million at the box office. And over at Rotten Tomatoes, it has a positive score and reviews from both critics and audiences. Since we still have a long way to go before the movie arrives, why not rewatch the original a few times before the sequel arrives? At the time of this writing, The Black Phone is currently streaming on Peacock. Check it out!

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