QUIZ: What percent Joey Tribbiani from Friends are you?

377082 01: 1999 Matt LeBlanc stars in Friends year VI. (Photo NBC/Online USA)
377082 01: 1999 Matt LeBlanc stars in Friends year VI. (Photo NBC/Online USA) /

If you’re a big fan of Friends, you likely have your favorite characters and relate to some of their characteristics. Everyone on the show and off loves Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), but have you ever wondered if you’re similar to the ladies’ man?

Take our personality quiz below to find out what percent Joey you are!

It’s easy to understand why Joey Tribbiani is a favorite for many Friends fans. He’s known for his charming yet sometimes a little bit simple-minded personality, and is a source of comedic relief throughout all 10 seasons. Totally laidback, Joey is hilarious with his many antics and memorable quotes. He’s kind-hearted and sweet, and many of his humorous moments come from him misunderstanding phrases or situations. Poor Joey!

Joey is very passionate about the things he loves, like the New York Knicks, pizza, and sandwiches. Throughout the show, he pursues acting and faces many ups and downs. He works on various series like Days of Our Lives and is very driven to get his career off the ground. Like the other central characters in Friends, we get to see Joey’s relationships explored, from platonic to romantic.

His close friendship with Chandler is a major highlight of the show, and he pursues several romances throughout the series. But compared to his friends, his romances aren’t as much of a focal point. He has many short-term relationships and flings.

His funny catchphrases and comedic timing, along with his genuine friendships and heartfelt moments make him an iconic part of Friends.

Love Joey Tribbiani as much as us? Of course you do! You can rewatch his best moments throughout Friends right now on Max, where all 10 seasons are currently streaming.

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