QUIZ: Finish these Friends quotes from “The One Where Everybody Finds Out”

378316 01: Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow star in "Friends."
378316 01: Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow star in "Friends." /

There are so many great episodes throughout the 10 seasons of Friends, but “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” might be in the top five. In this one, the group finally finds out that Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) and Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) are hooking up, and Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) tries to play a prank on them because of it.

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“The One Where Everyone Finds Out” is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and hilarious episodes of Friends for many reasons. One of the most memorable parts includes Phoebe’s discovery of Monica and Chandler’s relationship when she sees them through the window of Ross’ apartment. Her reaction to what she sees is so hilarious, and her expressions are impossible not to laugh at.

After Phoebe finds out about the big secret, she orchestrates a prank on Chandler and pretends to seduce him. Of course, Chandler doesn’t know that it’s a prank and this leads to incredibly funny and awkward moments between the two. Eventually, Monica and Chandler realize that everyone knows about their “secret” relationship now, which changes the dynamic of the group forever.

This episode is a major turning point for Monica and Chandler’s relationship in Friends, as they take their romance public and have to deal with their friends’ reactions. Now that their friends know, it makes their romance all the more real and serious.

“The One Where Everyone Finds Out” marks the 14th episode of season 5 and serves as a central and impactful part of the show.

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