QUIZ: What percent Chandler Bing from Friends are you?

1999 Matt Le Blanc And Matthew Perry Star In The Latest Season Of "Friends." (Photo By Getty Images)
1999 Matt Le Blanc And Matthew Perry Star In The Latest Season Of "Friends." (Photo By Getty Images) /

Chandler Bing (the late and great Matthew Perry) is without a doubt one of the best characters of Friends. He’s hilarious, self-deprecating, and honestly, relatable. But how similar are you really to the fan-favorite? You can take our personality quiz below to find out what percent Chandler you are.

Chandler is without a doubt one of the best parts of Friends. His sarcastic humor and complex personality resonate with viewers, and it’s impossible not to root for him. Throughout the show, we get to know his self-deprecating sense of humor, and fans love his witty one-liners. It’s clear Chandler uses humor to disguise other emotions, which I think a lot of people can relate to. His negative feelings and insecurities come from his dysfunctional childhood, including his parents’ divorce.

Though he’s very sarcastic, Chandler is also very genuine when it comes to his loyalty to his friends. He’s very kind and he shows it in different ways, including supporting them through tough times and lending advice.

Of course, watching Chandler’s best episodes and moments is now very emotional given the fact that Matthew Perry has passed away. His death was a huge blow to the entertainment industry and many actors took time to pay tribute to him on social media. Perry passed on Oct. 28, 2023, after being found responsive at his home. It was such shocking news to read for Friends fans, especially considering the fact that he had struggled for so long with addiction and was finally seemingly happy and sober at the time of his death.

Perry’s memory and legacy live on with his many roles, especially Chandler Bing in Friends.

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