QUIZ: Who said it, Joey Tribbiani or Matt LeBlanc from Friends?

382997 07: Matt LeBlanc acts in a scene from "Friends" (Season 7). (Photo by NBC/Newsmakers)
382997 07: Matt LeBlanc acts in a scene from "Friends" (Season 7). (Photo by NBC/Newsmakers) /

We all have our favorite characters from Friends, but without a doubt one of the most popular is Joey Tribbiani. The actor who portrayed him, Matt LeBlanc, did such a great job at bringing the silly guy to life. His one-liners are so funny and viewers just love his personality. If Joey is also your favorite character, take our quiz below all about his and LeBlanc’s quotes!

Can you guess who said it?

Friends fans love Joey Tribbiani for his genuine kindness and loyalty to his friends. His ability to bring laughter to the friend group and to the show is so treasured. Matt LeBlanc channels a certain charm through his role at Joey that makes him a favorite for many. Some of the most memorable parts about Joey include his signature catchphrase “how you doin’?”, his food obsession, and his acting career. Joey’s pursuit of acting is a recurring theme throughout the show, as he starts off struggling to find roles and evolves into an established actor.

LeBlanc had appeared in various shows and movies before he landed the role of Joey, but of course, Friends definitely catapulted him to fame. He became a household name for his portrayal of the pizza-loving ladies’ man.

LeBlanc scored multiple Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations for his performance, and Friends spawned a spinoff show, simply titled Joey. That one wasn’t as successful as the original, but the fact that the character was beloved enough to deserve his own series speaks to his popularity.

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