The Santa Clauses season 2 finale and more to stream on Disney+

The Santa Clauses season 2 on Disney+
The Santa Clauses season 2 on Disney+ /

December is slowly but surely flying by and Disney+ isn’t playing games with tons of releases already hitting the streamer.

Whether you’ve been craving something for the holidays, want an action flick, or just want something fun, you’re bound to find something. Truly, the brand has been branching out this month and I’m loving it.

If you’re subscribed to the platform, then there’s no way you haven’t streamed something as there’s just so much to choose from. I mean we still have a few releases from last week to talk about as Disney+ even had a Saturday release which rarely happens. No matter if you’re looking to tune into the newest episode of The Santa Clauses or want a new Disney+ original, you’ll be happy to see this week’s lineup.

The Santa Clauses season 2 finale is our top pick of the week on Disney+

Moving into the first full week of December, there are a lot of releases to get excited about and things to help you get in the holiday spirit so let’s break it down.

  • Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder, episode 5 (Dec. 2)
  • Dancing with the Stars season 32, semi-finals (Dec. 5)
  • Isabel Preysler, My Christmas, Two-Part Special (Dec. 5)
  • The Ghost and Molly McGee: “White Christmas/Perfect Day ” (Dec. 6)
  • Superkitties season 1 episodes (Dec. 6)
  • The Santa Clauses season 2 finale (Dec. 6)
  • Villains of Valley View: A Very Villain Christmas season 2 episode 1 (Dec. 6)
  • Soundtrack #2, two Episode Premiere (Dec. 6)
  • The Mission (Dec. 8)
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever (Dec. 8)

It’s another holly jolly week for Disney+ users as there is plenty of awesome Christmas-themed content to watch and get caught up on. While it’s sad to see The Santa Clauses wrap up for the year, you can always rewatch or enjoy the original films. If you’re feeling grinchy, you can always watch some Doctor Who, Dancing with the Stars or Superkitties. Then again, that last one might make your heart grow two or three sizes.

What’s on your Disney+ streaming list this week? 

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