Constellation on Apple TV+ promises to be a wild psychological ride (Everything we know so far)


There are many reasons to get excited about a new year. Here at Hidden Remote, those reasons are new shows and movies! And at the top of our list of what to watch in 2024, we have  Constellation, a psychological thriller coming to Apple TV+ in February 2024.

If this is the first you hear about Constellation, no worries! We’ll catch you up in no time as we share what the upcoming series is all about, who stars in it and more so you don’t miss out.

Constellation is a psychological thriller-drama that centers on astronaut Jo (Noomi Rapace) after she returns from a space mission gone wrong. When Jo returns, not everything is as she remembers as she slowly discovers there are important chunks in her life she has no memory of. Not into alien invasion features or simply think you’ve seen one too many? Constellation is not that at all.

Apple TV+ teases audiences that Constellation will “delve into the darker aspects of human psychology” as Jo is determined to learn the truth about what happened while she was away, hoping to recover what she has lost. The series is more about the mysteries of space and how time works.

Constellation /

Now, Apple TV+ may not offer as much content as its competitors (such as streamer giant Netflix or Hulu), but we believe it’s all about quality over quantity. Wouldn’t you agree? And we’ve read that Apple spared no expense on this series (though there are allegations of unpaid bills). Another reason why I’m super hopeful about this show is the amazing cast.

Noomi Rapace is a brilliant actress who never fails to deliver raw emotion in any role she takes on. Fans may remember Rapace’s performances in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Prometheus. The upcoming series also stars Better Call Saul‘s Jonathan Banks and Agent Carter‘s James D’Arcy.

Constellation premieres on Feb. 21, 2024, only on the Apple TV+ platform. The series will feature eight episodes, the first three will be available to stream on Feb. 21, followed by one episode each Wednesday through March 27.

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