QUIZ: Who said it, Joey or Ross from Friends?

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Think you know all the iconic quotes from Friends? See for yourself with our trivia quiz below, which will test your knowledge of Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlancn) and Ross Geller’s (David Schwimmer) lines!

Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer do a fantastic job bringing the characters Joey Tribbiani and Ross Geller to life in Friends. The two men are known for their distinct personalities and hilarious, heartwarming dynamic. Ross and Joey meet through their mutual friendship with Chandler (Matthew Perry), and the rest is history! Despite their differences, they have such genuine chemistry that brings them together as close friends. Ross is academically inclined and works as a paleontologist, while Joey is depicted as simple-minded and charming, pursuing a career in acting.

Their supportive bond is proven through many moments in the show; Ross typically provides Joey with life advice while Joey helps Ross with his romantic pursuits. Their interactions are usually very humorous, with Joey’s carefree nature and Ross’ awkwardness leading to super funny scenes. Their contrasting personalities bring so much charm to the show.

And beyond the humor, fans love Joey and Ross’ friendship because of their loyalty and support for each other. They’re always willing to stand by the other’s side and defend each other against whatever comes their way. Even through their quirks and mistakes, Ross and Joey will have each other’s backs. Of course, Chandler is a huge part of Ross and Joey’s friendship, but their relationship on their own is totally special, too.

It was so great to see LeBlanc and Schwimmer reunite alongside their Friends co-stars at the reunion special in 2021, which is now streaming (along with all 10 episodes of the sitcom) on Max.

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