In Memoriam 2016: Honoring Television’s Fallen Characters

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Lucas Goodwin, House of Cards

Season 1- Season 4

Time of Death: “Chapter 43,” Season 4, Episode 4

Cause of Death: Shot while attempting to assassinate the president.

After going off the deep end, Lucas is able to secure a gun with the sole purpose of taking the life of President Frank Underwood. With the gun in his possession, Lucas sets his sights on an upcoming campaign stop taking place at a college campus.

Lucas is able to make it into the campus where the rally is being held and he soon sets his eyes on the president. While Lucas succeeds at shooting Frank, the shot is not a fatal one and within moments Frank’s security detail act to take down the active shooter. Needless to say they succeed in stopping Lucas – who is fatally wounded by Edward Meechum. Speaking of Meechum…

Cody Schultz, Co-Editor

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