In Memoriam 2016: Honoring Television’s Fallen Characters

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Edward Meechum, House of Cards

Season 1- Season 4

Time of Death: “Chapter 43,” Season 4, Episode 4

Cause of Death: Shot while protecting the president in an assassination attempt.

After going off the deep end, Lucas made his way to a college campus that acted as the home to a campaign rally for President Frank Underwood. Lucas was somehow able sneak a gun past security and entered the rally with the sole purpose of killing the president. Upon making his way into the rally, Lucas set his sights on Frank and opened fire.

As a member of the presidential security detail, Edward Meechum was ready to jump into action when Lucas began firing off shots. Although Frank was hit during the shootout, Edward managed to take down Lucas. However, in saving the leader of the free world from Lucas’ attack, Edward was fatally wounded.

Cody Schultz, Co-Editor

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