In Memoriam 2016: Honoring Television’s Fallen Characters

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Credit: The CW
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Lincoln, The 100

Season 1 – Season 3

Time of Death: “Stealing Fire,” Season 3, Episode 9

Cause of Death: Bullet to the Head. 

As Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair were headed off to be executed for mutiny, the good guys at Camp Arkadia, led by Octavia and Abby, duped Pike and his forces. They used a trap door in the floor to hide the trio and make it appear as if they were on the run. However, just as they were about to flee the premises, their morality came back to haunt them.

Having previously negotiated with Pike to spare the other prisoners because they were simply followers of the plan, the escapees were contacted by Pike via walkie talkie and told that the imprisoned Grounders would be killed instead. Unable to live with himself in that scenario, Lincoln said his last words to Octavia before hitting her with a tranquilizer and leaving her with Kane so he could surrender to Pike.

After Octavia awoke, she and Kane looked on from afar as Lincoln went to his knees in the mud before Pike. Asked if he had any final words, Lincoln responded, “Not for you.” Looking towards the sky, Lincoln uttered the words “May we meet again,” before being shot execution style.

Trenton Jocz, Staff Writer

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