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Killer Frost
The Flash – The CW /

Killer Frost, The Flash

Season 2, Episode 13 – Season 2, Episode 19

Time of Death: “Back to Normal,” Season 2, Episode 19

Cause of Death: Icicle to the Chest

In Episode 19, “Back to Normal,” we discover that Zoom decided to spare Killer Frost’s life simply because she looked like Earth 1’s Caitlin – aka the woman he had fallen for during his time on Earth 1. Instead of killer her, Zoom trapped her within one of his special containment devices – such as the one he used to trap The Flash in back in Episode 13 and the one which contains the mysterious man in the iron mask.

When Zoom frees Earth 1 Caitlin from her restraints and leaves his lair, Caitlin comes face to face with her Earth 2 doppelgänger. Soon the duo devise a plan to help the other escape with Killer Frost agreeing to help Caitlin escape Zoom’s lair in return for Caitlin helping to bust Killer Frost out of her confines.

Once freed, Killer Frost decides to go back on her promise of helping Caitlin. Realizing that the only reason Zoom spared her life before was the fact that she looked exactly like Caitlin, Killer Frost comes to the conclusion that there can be only one Caitlin and launches an icicle towards Caitlin’s heart. However, Zoom comes racing in just in time to save Caitlin and use the icicle to impale Killer Frost instead.

Cody Schultz, Co-Editor

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