In Memoriam 2016: Honoring Television’s Fallen Characters

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Quantico - ABC
Quantico – ABC /

Simon Asher, Quantico 

Season 1, Ep. 1 – Season 1, Ep. 22

Time of Death: “Yes,” Season 1, Episode 22

Cause of Death: Sacrificed his life to save thousands from Liam’s homemade nuclear bomb. 

After discovering that Liam was the true terrorist and that he planned on following through with his plan to detonate a nuclear bomb, Alex Parrish and the rest of the Quantico class set their sights on bringing Liam down. With their backs against the all Alex, Simon, Nimah, Shelby and Caleb were granted temporary access to the FBI’s resources in order to work the case alongside Ryan and Raina.

They eventually realized that Liam never meant to detonate the bomb within the confines of New York City, but that his plan was to take out Quantico and its current students and staff. While the team was able to track down Liam – more on him in a bit – and the bomb, time was quickly ticking away. Soon, it sunk in that there was no way to defuse the bomb.

As the agents began debating their options, Simon takes off with the bomb in one of their vehicles. He drives the car away from the campus before driving it straight off a bridge to contain the blast underwater, sacrificing his life in the process and dying a hero’s death.

Cody Schultz, Co-Editor

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