In Memoriam 2016: Honoring Television’s Fallen Characters

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The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead – AMC /

Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead

Season 1, Episode 1 – Season 7, Episode 1

Time of Death: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” Season 7, Episode 1

Cause of Death: Head bashed in by Negan’s bat, Lucille

This is one of the most WTF moments to ever happen on the show. Of course, since this is how Glenn dies in the comic books, we couldn’t be the most shocked ever. Yes, most audience members saw this coming. It still didn’t make it any less disgusting.

After a whack of Lucille, Glenn is left still standing. One side of his face looks normal, while the other side is… well, his eye was popping out, you guys. Glenn managed to get out, “Maggie, I’ll find you.” So, if you weren’t already crying, you probably started at this point. For a show that isn’t “romantic,” that was a romantic gesture far beyond anything in The Notebook or Titanic.

The romantic moment didn’t last long, though, as Negan gets back to beating Glenn to death with his bat. The real cherry on top was the backlit scene where blood splatters up. This was followed by Negan walking away with a piece of Glenn’s flesh still on his bat. Lovely, truly lovely.

Veronica Zabczynski, Staff Writer

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