In Memoriam 2016: Honoring Television’s Fallen Characters

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Detective Saperstein, Shades of Blue

Season 1, Ep. 1 – Season 1, Ep. 7

Time of Death: “Undiscovered Country,” Season 1, Episode 7

Cause of Death: Air embolism.

After avoiding death and somehow surviving this fall from the top of that warehouse, Saperstein was transported to a nearby hospital. However, Woz was none too pleased with Saperstein’s status – largely in part to the fact that he was the one that pushed Saperstein over the ledge.

In the ICU waiting room, Woz and Harlee waited. Harlee received a text from Stahl to meet him. Woz obviously wasn’t going to keep his word to Harlee and spare Saperstein’s life because he had a gift bag with an explosive device on the side of his chair. Woz told Harlee to go home to Christina so Harlee took the opportunity to meet up with Stahl outside the hospital. While Stahl questioned Harlee in the car, Woz placed the gift bag on the side of the ICU nurse’s station. He knew that they would evacuate the hospital starting with Saperstein’s floor.

Woz walked with a steadfast pace to Saperstein’s room and grabbed a syringe along the way. When the hospital began evacuation, Harlee jumped out of the car and ran indoors. Harlee flashed her badge inside the hospital and asked what happened. When she was told where the bomb scare was, she drew her gun and ran to stop Woz from killing Saperstein because she knew Woz used the scare as a diversion.

Woz couldn’t chance Saperstein waking up so his God complex kicked in as he stood over one of his own. Woz squeezed the tube to the I.V. and shot air into the tube. Harlee arrived to the flatline beep on the machines that had kept Saperstein alive until Woz snuffed his life out from him.

Marc Regen, Staff Writer

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