10 best Captain Holt moments throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine wouldn't have been what it was without Andre Braugher's Captain Holt. Here are his top 10 moments from the whole series.
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- "Admiral Peralta" Episode 710 -- Pictured: Andre Braugher as Ray Holt --
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- "Admiral Peralta" Episode 710 -- Pictured: Andre Braugher as Ray Holt -- /
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3. Being there when Rosa comes out

As we get to know the characters more, their personal stories came out. One that may have been surprising or not surprising to some was Rosa coming out as bisexual. Of course, there were people against her, but there was one who we knew would have her back. Yes, it was Captain Holt.

While Braugher brought a lot of comedy, he was also able to bring the seriousness a moment needed. This was one of those moments. He made it clear that anytime someone stood up and said who they were made the world a better place.

The best moment was him hugging her. There was a waver in his voice which was either great acting or a moment that was real for Braugher himself.

2. His ‘hot damn!’ moment

In the early episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we had Holt as this complete opposite to the rest of the team. He was stoic, didn’t seem to get jokes and pranks, and it looked like he would be the one to constantly please.

Well, that was until the moment the group stopped working so they could take bets on Amy’s tardy behavior. It was nothing like her, as the one always eager to please, so it was clear there was a reason. Of course, usually, we’d expect Holt to tell everyone to get back to work, but he joined in.

He was also the one to get it right. The “hot damn!” comment was so out of character at first, but it set the tone for so much to come.