3 reasons why Monica Garcia could return to The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (and 2 reasons why she may not)

Fans have never been more uncertain about a housewife's future on the show.
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SALT LAKE CITY -- Season:4 -- Pictured: Monica Garcia -- (Photo by: Clifton Prescod/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SALT LAKE CITY -- Season:4 -- Pictured: Monica Garcia -- (Photo by: Clifton Prescod/Bravo) /

Not only is Monica Garcia is in the hot seat at the season 4 reunion for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC), she's also in the hot seat with the entire fandom for this reality TV series, as fans don't know where she stands with the franchise.

Even though her involvement with the brutal gossiping Instagram account, Reality Von Tea(se), is infamous, going down in history as one of the most shocking plot twists in reality TV history, her position in the show is in jeopardy. Still, there's a 50-50 chance that she can return despite it all.

Here are 3 reasons why we think Monica Garcia will return to The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and 2 reasons why she may not.

Monica brings in huge numbers for the show

After Jen Shah was sentenced to serve time in prison, dedicated viewers of the show were concerned about the longevity of the show, as Jen proved to be an emotional rollercoaster that was nearly impossible to look away from. However, because of Monica, fans felt like the show didn't even miss a step. In fact, some might even say Monica is the sole reason why season 4 brought in Jen Shah-like numbers!

As per Variety, the season 4 finale brought in a whopping 2 million viewers, which is the most views the entire season ever got.

Prior to the latest season, RHOSLC viewership numbers ranged from 0.43 to 0.84 million for the past three seasons. But, after Jen's exit, season 4 received low numbers. For example, episodes 1 through 11 stayed in the low to mid 0.40 million until episode 12 through episode 15, where these episodes received higher numbers (0.51 to 0.59). But no episode hit higher ratings in season 4 like the finale.

Sure, Heather Gay produced and orchestrated an amazing confrontation. Yet, it's because of Monica Garcia that Heather even had something to expose in the first place. In this sense, Monica's first season brought in the high numbers and will likely continue to do so should she return.

Monica's story is a nice change of pace

Before the reveal, one thing most people loved about Monica was that she didn't shy away from telling the truth about her life, even all the ugly parts that others would probably keep quiet about.

Monica has been very vocal about the adultery she committed in her marriage as well as the history she's had with previous partners. She's also never shied away from how her mistake affects her life as a single mother to four daughters.

However, out of all the things Monica has shared with us, we appreciate how she's real about her finances and how she doesn't have as much wealth as the other ladies may have. She has to be a tad more frugal towards purchasing clothes or property, which brings a different perspective to this show that often praises the expensive life, even if it breaks someone's bank.

No matter how you flip it, Monica is the first housewife of RHOSLC to go against the grain and showcase her rags-to-riches story. And for most viewers, that's something they definitely want to see more of.

Monica seems to have repaired her "friendship" with the ladies

The storm doesn't last always, and with Monica Garcia, this couldn't be any further from the truth.

Shortly after the season finale, fans noticed that none of the women were following Monica on Instagram. This seemed to be a line in the sand because if all the ladies were no longer friends with her, it would be nearly impossible for her to film with them. What's more, as revealed in the first part of the three-part season four reunion, the rest of the RHOSLC cast weren't really hanging out with Monica outside of filming, confirming that Monica was on an island by herself.

Initially, the odds of Monica repairing her friendship with the cast were slim to none. But now, there seems to be a sliver of hope since some of the cast have followed her back!

Whitney Rose and Mary Cosby are the only two to follow Monica onInstagram, it's better than nothing and could be her way back into the group. Maybe Whitney, the cast member who knows a thing or two about forgiveness, may lead the posse to get back on decent terms with Monica. Only time will tell, though!

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City - Season 4
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SALT LAKE CITY -- Pictured: (l-r) Heather Gay, Monica Garcia, Whitney Rose, Meredith Marks -- (Photo by: Meredith Andrews/Bravo) /

Although things seem to be taking a turn in a positive direction, too much damage has been done, leading us to also believe that things may not bode too well for Monica Garcia in the long run. Here's why we think this.

The ladies could ice out Monica after she betrayed their trust

On one hand, Whitney Rose and Mary Cosby are currently following Monica Garcia on Instagram. On the other (and bigger) hand, the rest of the cast does not. This simple fact may not translate well on the show, especially if the remaining women---Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Angie Katsanevas, and Meredith Marks---refuse to film with Monica because of what she's done.

As many know, the icing out of one particular cast member essentially marks the end for that cast member since the viewers can't empathize or even dislike a member if they don't see them on their screens often. Should the majority of the ladies decide not to invite Monica to their events or kick her out of group trips, we don't necessarily know if her life outside the ladies will be enough to secure her position on the show.

Another thing to keep in mind is that RHOSLC is a show that thrives because of its unique ensemble. If there exists someone else who gets along with the ladies and knows how to bring the drama, it's hard not to see why they wouldn't prefer that person over Monica.

Monica may be a very entertaining person to watch, but it's hard for any one person to carry an entire storyline by themselves. In this show (and any other Real Housewives installment), social interaction between the group is needed. So much so that if Monica gets iced out that might be the end for her.

The fallout of the reveal may prove to be too much for Monica Garcia

Before she is a housewife, mother, reality star, and many other things, Monica Garcia is a human being with human emotions and human reactions. With all the recent backlash about her being behind Reality Von Tea(se), she could be very much so at her wit's end with the number of comments she's still receiving.

During the reunion, Monica revealed that viewers had very nasty things to say about her adulterous relationship with her brother-in-law which led to her eventual divorce from her ex-husband, Mike. Even though her infidelity happened about a decade ago, she's still hurt by what people are saying years later, so one can only imagine how she feels about what's being said to her now about everything.

Additionally, Monica's mother, Linda, is reportedly no longer speaking after season four, which may not be a good thing for Monica since she already expressed how alone she felt amongst her close friends and family. If she has no emotional support system to help her with this fallout, then it's safe to say she's bearing it all by herself.

We know Monica Garcia is a tough woman. But everyone has their limits. Although she hasn't expressed much about how she feels about coming back to the show, there's always a chance that she may decide coming back won't do her life any good.

After all is said and done, the final say goes to Bravo TV and Monica Garcia's court. Should both agree that the newcomer is good for the show's future, then Monica will likely return. But if they don't see eye-to-eye, we Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans may have to bid farewell to Monica Garcia.

As always, we'll keep you updated.

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