911 season 7 episode 7 recap: Ghost of a Second Chance

"Ghost of a Second Chance" finds Maddie and Athena teaming up to find an abducted baby, Eddie juggling with his past and Hen and Karen trying to help Mara reconnect with a loved one.
9-1-1 - ÒGhost of a Second ChanceÓ - Maddie and Athena investigate a case surrounding an abducted mother and child as Hen and Karen learn more about MaraÕs family history. Meanwhile, Eddie grapples with unresolved feelings for someone from his past. THURSDAY, MAY 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (Disney/Mike Taing)
9-1-1 - ÒGhost of a Second ChanceÓ - Maddie and Athena investigate a case surrounding an abducted mother and child as Hen and Karen learn more about MaraÕs family history. Meanwhile, Eddie grapples with unresolved feelings for someone from his past. THURSDAY, MAY 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (Disney/Mike Taing) RYAN GUZMAN /

After Chimney and Maddie’s wedding last week, this week’s 911 returned to the more usual format with the 118 juggling calls and their personal lives. The episode features three primary stories so let’s break them down one by one. 

Maddie’s 911 call hits home

The episode opens with Maddie taking a 911 call from a woman named Catherine who has been abducted with her baby by a man we first believe is her husband. Maddie attempts to direct them to drive to a hotel where the police can intercept them. 

Unfortunately, the man catches on and he takes the phone telling Maddie his wife has done enough. We hear a scream and what sounds like a crash as the call gets disconnected. The 118 respond to the accident scene and find that the driver has fled the scene, the female caller is trapped in the car and her baby is trapped in the back seat.

Buck gets to the car seat only to find the baby is missing which is when Athena calls for backup to help with the search for the husband and baby. The woman has been burned badly in the accident and we discover the man has fled with the child, seemingly before the car crash as evident by a pacifier found by an officer that was not burned suggesting the car crashed after the baby was out of it.

Athena comes to the 911 dispatch call with Detective Romero who is working the case and they share that the man in the car wasn’t Catherine’s real husband and that her husband is actually on his way back home now. This is when Maddie begins questioning herself when she realizes that she might have seen too much of herself in the victim and didn’t listen to the call close enough to pick up on clues. 

Maddie goes to check on Catherine and meets her nurse, Amir (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) whom she opens up about her past. He allows her to see Catherine and Maddie makes a promise to bring her baby home. 

Later, as she talks through with Chimney, Maddie realizes Catherine was likely talking in code which is when she realizes she was actually reacting to the man saying he bought her a yellow nightie which she bought weeks ago as if he shouldn’t know about the nightgown. He saw it in a window, but whose window? 

Detective finds the yellow nightgown in Catherine’s home which is when he notices that her bedroom window faces a neighbor’s house. The man wasn’t a boyfriend but rather a stalker.

It turns out the neighbor was having some work done and the man who took Catherine and her baby was a handyman named Mike. Maddie uses the number given to Athena by the neighbor and calls it under the guise that Mike hasn’t shown up for work. The number was Mike’s sister, who reveals to Maddie that his girlfriend recently ran out on him with their baby taking all of their money and fleeing. 

We see Mike on a bench at the park with the baby, eyeing other women as he says it's time to find a new mommy. Luckily, Maddie realizes that he might be looking to recreate the moment when his girlfriend said she was going to the park only to disappear and Detective Romero heads to a nearby park where he finds that a woman has already been abducted. 

As Mike is fleeing the scene, he’s hit by a police car and the 118 responds to the call. He tries to take the baby and refuses help. Chimney picks up on him calling the baby Sweatpea like the man who took Catherine which is when he realizes Mike was the man who abducted both Catherine’s baby and the other woman, who was in the trunk of the car. 

When Bobby is at the hospital, Amir seems to take notice of the name “Nash” on Bobby’s coat hinting that there could be something there. Perhaps Bobby was involved in the accident that caused Amir’s burns and that was confirmed via the promo for next week's episode which is going to see Amir confronting Bobby.

Hen and Karen try to help Mara reconnect with her brother

During a family dinner, Hen and Karen discuss how they’re trying to get Mara to open up which is when Denny reveals that he found out she has a baby brother. The revelation came about at school after one of their classmates complained about his baby brother which was when Mara flipped out and told Denny about missing her baby brother Tyson. 

Mara doesn’t know what happened to him, but Hen is able to get Mara to open up which is when she tells her that they took him. Hoping to get to the bottom of things, Hen and Karen call Deedra who reveals that Mara indeed has a baby brother, but the situation is complicated as he’s her half-brother and his biological father has rights and didn’t want to take Mara in as well. In fact, he doesn’t want there to be any contact. 

While Deedra can’t say much, she points Hen and Karen in the direction of a mommy and me class that she referred Tyson’s parents to. They go to the class and meet Tyson’s parents, explaining that they’re Mara’s foster parents and that they’re hoping to give her and Tyson the chance to reconnect. He’s icy to the idea, but at the end of the episode, his wife brings Tyson to Hen and Karen’s place to see Mara. And just as they suspected, Tyson indeed remembered his sister and ran right to her.

Eddie is making some bold choices 

The final storyline of the episode involved Eddie who seems to be struggling with feelings from his past. 

Eddie is out with Christopher and Marisol enjoying some ice cream when he sees a woman in a store that reminds him of his ex-wife, Shannon. It seemed like a ghost of his past at first, but then Eddie returns to the store where he learns the woman’s name is Kim and they get a little flirty as the chat for a bit. It’s clear that the woman reminds Eddie of his ex which has drawn him to Kim in a way he didn’t expect. 

As the episode ends, we see Eddie heading out for a date with Kim… this despite being in a relationship with Marisol which surely is going to hit a rough patch once she finds out about Eddie’s date with Kim.

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