911 Season 7 to air from the beginning tonight (Apr. 18), here's when a new episode will premiere!

911 Season 7 is taking a break from new episodes for the rest of the month. Here's when the remainder of the season will return.
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After an exciting run of new episodes, 911 Season 7 is taking a bit of a break. The good news is you can still watch the 118 in action.

ABC has opted to make TGIT all about 911 this week. Tonight, Thursday, April 18, the first three episodes of Season 7 will air. This is the entire cruise ship storyline. You’ll get to relive the drama and anticipation of Athena and Bobby trapped on a literal sinking ship.

The third hour is the reintroduction of Tommy, who Hen had previously worked with. We get to see him in a new light as he understands that when Hen has a hunch, she’s probably right. Plus, Chimney, Buck, and Eddie got to him first.

Why is 911 on a break?

There shouldn’t be any more breaks in the schedule after this one. This break is purely for scheduling purposes, making sure there are enough episodes to bring May finales as the broadcast networks will want.

There are only 10 episodes to this season, making it the shortest season yet due to the strike action in the summer. That means there are five episodes to air, but the good news is that there are plenty of weeks of May to fill with those episodes!

We also know going into this break that Season 8 is officially happening. Hopefully, that will be back to the regular length with a fall start.

When will 911 Season 7 return with new episodes?

This break is a fairly long one, although it’s not the midseason break that we’re used to for the show. After all, Fox always took it off the air in December and put it back on in March.

Instead, the show is just taking the rest of April off. It will be back on Thursday, May 2.

We even know what is going to happen. The series is getting a Hangover take. At the end of the previous episode, Buck and Eddie turned up at Maddie and Chimney’s wedding hungover, covered in vomit, and missing a certain groom.

Maddie is not going to let Chimney miss their wedding. He will walk down that aisle! After all, he’s not gotten cold feet. We just know that he’s ended up in some sort of situation. Honestly, it’s best just not to do bachelor parties the night before the wedding! Keep that night lowkey so everyone important is ready for the wedding!

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911 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.