A live-action Scooby-Doo series is in the works but, unfortunately, not for The CW

Cesar Millan And Scooby-Doo Share 40th Birthday Celebration
Cesar Millan And Scooby-Doo Share 40th Birthday Celebration / John M. Heller/GettyImages

I, along with my fellow CW Spiral co-hosts, am on record manifesting a live-action Scooby-Doo series. And, while I'm happy that my wish has been granted, it's bittersweet as it won't to be on The CW. A show of this nature would have been right up the alley of the network before Nexstar took over majority ownership. I mean think about it, CW was the home of Supernatural, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, and The Winchesters. It knew its way around the occult and mystery dramas. Add on to the fact that this live-action series will be produced by Berlanti Productions, and I'm almost on the floor over what CW might have had in a bygone era.

Instead, this boon from TV icon Greg Berlanti is going to Netflix, the streamer that just launched Dead Boy Detectives, and found huge success with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, so Scooby-Doo! The Live-Action Series certainly won't be out of place. Particularly as Netflix has a devoted teen and young adult audience. They've picked up the slack now that Network and cable TV have pretty much abandoned projects that appeal to teenage viewers and cater to their interests and needs.

The CW was the last bastion on this front and now they, too, have turned their focus to a broader audience appeal. In doing so, they've lost their identity. On more than one pod episode, The CW Spiral has tried to parse what direction they might be headed in. Even our 100th episode made the attempt but to no avail. We could be in for a years long wait to see when, or if, The CW will make a name for itself again outside of the series that came before the majority ownership change.

As a big tent service, Netflix could swoop in and jack the brand that used to belong to The CW. Not only do they have the funds to produce content that would have been right at home on the network but they also will remain the streaming home of many of CW's staples for years to come thanks to the past deal that expired in 2019.

In fact, in this streaming age, some fans of CW originals like Riverdale, Dynasty, and All American first came upon the shows on Netflix. There are members of their devoted fanbases that watched exclusively on the platform and never bothered watching live. The streamer is basically primed to step in where The CW left off and the start to that era might just be with Berlanti's Scooby-Doo.

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